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Amy's 5 star review of Conquering (Vipers Creed #2) by Ryan Michele

*This book can be read as a STANDALONE* 

I fight for what’s mine. 

Growing up with a junkie for a mother, Stiff’s responsibilities came young and fast, taking care of his brother with everything he had. If that meant getting his hands dirty, then so be it. 

Becoming part of Vipers Creed MC gave him the family he and his brother never had, people they could count on. He vowed to protect them, even when that meant turning his back on the woman who gave him life … until Chelsea. 

He knew he wasn’t good enough for her, but he didn’t care. He had to have her. 

After all, Stiff always fought for what was his. No matter the price. 

No one messes with my family. 

Chelsea Miller’s life was simple: work, family, save for the future. Every day was the same. Her ultimate goal: live an easier life than the one she’d been dealt. That was, until her sister ended up bleeding, bruised, and fighting for her life. 

Everything in Chelsea’s life changed in an instant. And the cost of protecting her family was far higher than she had bargained for. 

Stiff. The Vipers Creed MC. A relentless trail of bullets and carnage. Everything she knew turned on its head. 

Survival of the fittest, they say. Well, Chelsea’s a survivor. And she refuses to go down without a fight. 

When two stubborn people clash in a combustion of passion and family, will conquering each other come at a price neither of them is willing to pay? 

*Due to subject matter, mature audiences 18+ only

Ryan Michele
5 stars

Yes I loved this book because yes I love this series although each book can be read as a standalone. I don’t know why you would but you sure can. Ryan Michele has this genre down pat. AND … there is a bonus at the end of Conquering featuring Xander. I don’t know if there is a full length book coming on he and Gabby but we can only hope or at least continue to hear from them in future releases. 

Chelsea has worked hard her entire life only to be seriously taken advantage of by her piece of crap father. Her sister, her mother and her Grams are her life. Working at Charlies may not be the most pristine job but its been hers forever and Charlie has been a father figure to her. The man has loved her and treated her right since she walked through those doors for a job all those years ago. 

The Vipers MC don’t intimidate her. In fact they are good to her leaving fantastic tips and they certainly aren’t hard on the eyes. The guys are respectful and certainly kind. Chelsea has no time for a man in her life but if Wes (Stiff) gave her the time of day she might just consider a fling. The MC world is something she doesn’t need in her life. Not after the drama her father brought in her life. Safe and stable is her dream along with owning her own home someday. 

When Chelsea’s sister is dropped in the diner beaten and barely alive all hell breaks lose. The man she thought would never give her the time of day steps in and takes over. Being who she is Chelsea isn’t ready for someone to boss her around but if it means her sister is safe then she will do what she has to.

This was a great story of two very independent and strong minded characters. I loved Chelsea and how her character was written – she didn’t whine she wasn’t fragile and she knew what her goals were. She was proud of her accomplishments and lived for her family. The things her father put in her life didn’t stop her and she didn’t use them as an excuse. Stiff was a fantastic character as well --- he never wavered stepping into protection mode. He wasn’t over the top but you could easily tell her was all heart. Having his own hardships these two made the perfect couple. I cannot wait to find out more. 

Now super extra duper bonus --- uh yeah guess who rolls in --- Trapper! YUP the Devils Due MC – In The Red (Chelsea Camaron) WHAT?!?!?! I know right?!?!?! -- I can't even. We also catch up with Spook and Trixie – The Colonel calls at one point (gross) … but it's necessary. I'm so in love with these men. Bosco, Boner, Dawg, Hooch … they all are just too good … pick this series up ladies and then grab up the Devils Due MC as well. You won't want to miss either of these. I don’t know what is next but I will be wanting … 

Thank you for the ARC – I absolutely loved every minute – and thank you for bringing in the Devil Due men … dang it! Brilliant! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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