Sunday, July 31, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Surge (The Beat and the Pulse, #7) by Amity Cross

 Dean Hayes has always fought in the shadow of his identical twin, Lincoln. 
Climbing the ranks of professional MMA is his entire life, he’s never once stopped to forge anything meaningful outside of the octagon. Instead, he’s fixated on unrequited feelings for a woman who only ever used him for her own end. 
After ten years hoping for a miracle, holding onto his hopeless fantasy could cost Dean his one shot at true love…and he doesn’t even know it. 

When Josie Cunningham left her dead end job to become the Public Relations manager for the hottest pair of fighters in the AUFC—the Hayes Twins—she never knew how wild the ride was going to be. 
Dean has been thorn in her side from day one, constantly pushing her buttons…including the one right over her heart. Bending the rules and none the wiser for her secret attraction, he tears at her self-control until she snaps under the pressure. 
When Josie decides to act on her feelings, her world is turned upside down… And she’s thrown right in the path of the storm of the century with no way to shield her heart. 

With the middleweight title up for grabs, all’s fair in love, war…and the octagon.

5 stars – of course

You all know I love this lady and you know I love this series and all its characters. There is nothing I can say that can express how amazing her brilliance is. These books are easy reads, they are entertaining, they allow you to connect with the characters, there are great storylines …. I could go on and on. The covers . If that doesn't send you to click then something is wrong with you. HAHA!

These books are all standalones but you would be nuts to read them as such and not read the entire series starting back at the beginning. Why – well because in Flow the previous book, I hated Josies’ face – like put me in the ring with your sorry stuck up ass and let me beat you down. …. Now …. Well … maybe my thoughts have changed just a little. The stunt she pulled … no … no … and hell to the no. Not my Hammish --- NO! 

Surge is the 7th book in The Beat and The Pulse series and this is Dean and Josie’s story. Lincoln and Dean Hayes are on the circuit making huge names for themselves. (Lincoln’s story has already been told and it's so fantastic – see why would you want to miss that?) Josie is helping the boys get what they deserve as she is a PR genius. Her downfall .. she sucks at going after the man she wants and hurt the good man she had. I'm serious though, you need to pick up Flow to understand all of “this.” Between these two books you will hate Josie and maybe then love her or not hate her as much … not sure. My verdict is still out on that but I don’t want to smash her face in anymore at least. HAHAHA! 

Dean is a charmer, smitten with the wrong girl and still trying to fix what he can't have or thinks he wants. Monica Miller --- GAH ---- dirty whore that she is … whew I wanted to beat her ass too. Again to appreciate the hate I have for this character you need to read the series people! Dean is blinded by the girl he has had a crush on since the day he walked into the gym. The girl that is the devil --- 

Am I confusing you – good. That’s the point --- you need to run and grab this one up if you have read the series and are up to par – if not then go back and get caught up. We have a fighter who has his own tricks up his sleeve in this one attacking the Hayes men in all the right places sending their hackles into overdrive. Gabe – watch that one. 

Im talking in circles but I wont and never do give anything away. Trust me on this --- click it up – read on and when you are done --- click up the other series from Amity --- you won't regret it! 

Thank you for the ARC! I loved this releases just like the others. I cannot wait to read more. There better be MORE! --- LOL! -- Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets! 

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