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Amy's 4 star Review of Clutch (Satan's Fury MC ) by L. Wilder

To get what you really want, sometimes you have to walk away.

From NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author L. WIlder comes book four in the Satan's Fury Series, a standalone MC romance. 

Survival. It was the driving force that kept me going when our world as we knew it was ripped away from us in one horrific night. I didn't know who brutally killed my parents or why, but when the vicious killers turned their focus onto my brother and sister, I did the only thing I knew to do: I ran. 

I packed them up and left everything we knew and loved behind and headed for Memphis.

The club was my life. I'd do anything for my brothers. Hell, I've taken more than a couple of bullets for them and I'd do it again. But I needed to step away to clear my head. I pushed the throttle forward and headed down south with one goal in mind: to fulfill Cotton's orders and establish the route for the club's new pipeline. 

Doing my job was my only focus until I saw her working in that diner down on Front Street. She had fire in her eyes and bite to her tongue -- and she was absolutely breathtaking. Full of class and spunk, the girl was out of my league. What was she doing working at a diner in Memphis, Tennessee? She was a mystery to me, and even though my gut told me she was hiding something, I felt a pull to her that I could not deny.

**Clutch is book four in the Satan's Fury series, but it is considered a standalone romance. This book is intended for readers 18 and older due to violence and explicit language.

L. Wilder
4 stars

Clutch was what I was waiting for. If you have been keeping up with the men of Satan's Fury then you know why. I had been heartbroken for the man and hoped he would find his way. Each book in this series can be read as a standalone but in this case I do recommend reading Cotton prior to Clutch. There is a connection that would make Clutch's story more meaningful if you did read that book first. I suggest you start with the Summer Teaser we were given and go from there but to each his own! 

On to our gorgeous man himself ... Clutch is the Road Captain of the MC. Cotton has sent him to find a new route for transporting goods which will keep him away from home for a bit. Not only will this help the club but more important it will allow Clutch to get his head right and distance himself from things that he can't feel. With his final stop being Memphis TN, Clutch plans to stay put a bit so that he can help the chapter there get back n their feet. Duggar can't work and Blaze has his son to tend to. Cyrus and his old lady are putting him up in a little apartment above their diner .... Little did he know inside was the woman who would change his life and show him he wasn't running away from love but instead he was running towards it. 

Hazel (Olivia) is trying to survive. When her parents are murdered she takes her brother and sister and heads as far away from Boston as she can get. Having no idea she is working at a diner owned by a member of an MC she is completely unaware of the protection she fell in to. Living above the diner with the kids isn't ideal but it's keeping a roof over everyone's heads and allows her to be close to Charlie and Hadley. Fire works ... That is what the infuriating man sets off in her mind .... He is trouble and more trouble is the last thing Olivia needs right now. 

This was a easy read and really great story. There are a few stories within this one that I know we are going to see next. Smokey is a main fixture as well as Blaze who I think we might just find is a heart wrencher once we get his release. There is also a few snippets of what is going on with Stitch, Maverick and of course Cotton which is great. Keeping with with everyone is what we all like, we never want to fully say goodbye as we want to continue to see the families grow. 

If you are looking for a less brutal MC series this is your series. I usually like a lot more mayhem and blood shed but L. Wilder has kept me reading with hitting me right in the feels with her characters. I loved Clutch and love him even more now. This one is a keeper just like all the others. Great read and great series. Click it up! They are all free on Kindle Unlimited! 

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