Sunday, July 31, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Bane (Bad Boys of X-Ops, #4) by Rie Warren

The highly anticipated final book in the bestselling Bad Boys of X-Ops series is here!

High stakes.
Low margins.
And everyone wants the woman I’m teamed up with dead.

Swagger, strut, snarl. Three things I can do with both eyes closed. Oh, and shoot the shit out of tangos. I always do my job, whether it’s patching up a fellow operative or taking down a serious threat. Apparently this time my job is to babysit Baby Spy

We’ve followed the Los Reyes de Guerra cartel to the drug-trafficking capital, Mexico City. Our orders? Get in with the guerrillas and ultimately take them down. There’s only one problem—I have another set of mission directives linked to Kiki AKA Baby Spy. 

Should be easy enough. Except it seems I’ve developed an unhealthy attraction to Kiki, along with an inconvenient conscience. She’s a wild woman with an unforgiving attitude that definitely makes me bone hard for her. 

Nothing is as it appears, least of all Kiki Damage. 

Yeah. They call me Baby Spy. I’m fully aware the entire T-Zone team blames me for narking out a previous mission gone wrong. So, I can’t understand why the powers that be assigned me to this op. Or maybe I can, which just makes my situation even more dire. 

I know Bane wants me, but I’m beginning to think he has an ulterior motive for keeping me close. And it’s not just the panty-melting hot sex with the big, gruff, silent killer. There’s something incredibly vulnerable in the way Bane watches me, like he’s looking for one last saving grace. 

None of that matters now. When the situation heats up, I find out Bane’s real mission. I may have fallen in love with him, but it’s already too late. This entire web of lies goes a lot higher than any of us ever imagined, and my neck is only the first one on the line. 

Bane includes a special series epilogue from the badass women: Jade, Tilly, Blaize, and Kiki.

Bad Boys of X-Ops—complete four part series:
Walker: April 5th
Justice: April 25th
Storm: May 23rd
Bane: July 27th

Rie Warren
3. 5 stars

Bane is the final installment of the Black Ops series. I haven’t loved this series but I didn’t hate it. I think I just loved her other books more. It can be read as a standalone but you will miss out on the other characters events of where they are now and why. 

Bane has been assigned with Kiki to complete a mission. Kiki has no idea what she is in store for as she believes this is an in and out easy objective – not the case. Bane knows exactly what is going to go down and that the mission is far from streamline. The special orders were only given to him leaving him wondering how this is going to play out and who can he trust. 

Griffin Bane is a stone cold killer and his morals you could say are lacking. He's always been there for the guys and certainly supports the loves they found but him .. nope. Kiki Dillion is throwing a wrench in his don’t give a shit attitude. There are some serious plot twist in this one and the characters question themselves rightly so. 

I did like Bane but again this entire series these characters just didn’t do it for me in the scenarios they were cast in. Maybe as a reader I want to get away from the terrorist type of read and other things that go along with it. I don’t want to have to think that much maybe? I don’t know. If you love this series you will certainly love this book. 

Click it on up --- I look forward to whatever Rie puts out next because again I do love her as an author. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. Thank you for the ARC! 

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