Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Bound By Blood (The Betrayed Series #2) By Victoria Renteria

 Captive and bound by the one person who vowed to cause her harm since her very first breath, Kylee Parker finds herself facing the demons of her past. Lost among the shadows, she struggles to maintain her sanity in hopes of surviving. In the clutches of the underground mafia, she fights to find an escape from the person who gave her life. 

Alexander Grant’s sole focus has been his work: serving his country and taking down the bad guys. While leading an elite group of soldiers on a highly classified mission in South Korea, he finds himself thrust into the throes of passion with the woman who changed everything. But when danger comes calling and she is kidnapped, he must choose between his heart and his job. 

Will he jeopardize the career he is bound to . . . or risk it all to save her? 

Warning: Due to explicit sexual content, graphic violence, and strong language this book is recommended for ages 18 and up.

Bound By Blood
The Betrayed Series 2
Victoria Renteria
3.5 stars

As a reviewer its rough when you don’t get the first book in a series. This happens to be the case with Bound By Blood. Although the book has a decent story line I couldn’t fully appreciate the events due to not receiving the first book. 

I love the genre but I wasn’t sure I had the full story of how the characters had previously been involved or emerged to where they were now. Kylee is facing the past and seems to be barely surviving. She is tied to the mafia but not by choice. Being held against her will, she lives as best as she can. 

Alex Grant serves his country. It's what drives him. Leading missions and finding the bad guys gives him purpose. While overseas he crosses paths with a woman that changes everything he once knew. Decisions have to be made and sacrifices will be determined. Who or what is more important and where does his loyalty lie? 

I did like the characters but again as I said I did not received or have the opportunity to read the first installment. If you have read the first book I'm sure you will be please as the series continues. There is a cliffhanger that will probably send you over the edge. Alex and Kylee’s story continues in the last installment, Royal Blood coming in the Fall. 

Thank you for the ARC – I appreciate the opportunity to read and reserve the right to go back and change my rating if I get the chance to read the first book!

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