Saturday, July 16, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Kid ( Cerberus MC Book 2 ) by Marie James


When Khloe Devaro’s best friend and fiancé is lost to the war in Iraq, she’s beyond distraught. Her intentions of joining him in the afterlife are thwarted by a Cerberus Motorcycle club member. Too young to do anything on her own, the only alternative she has now is to take Kid up on his offer to stay at the MC Clubhouse. As if that’s not a disaster waiting to happen, but anything is better than returning to the foster home she’s been forced to live in the last three years. 


Dustin “Kid” Andrews spent four years as a Marine; training, fighting, and learning how to survive the most horrendous of conditions. He never imagined that holding a BBQ fundraiser for a local fallen soldier would end up as the catalyst that turns his world upside down. Resisting his attraction for a girl he’s not even certain is of legal age was easy, until he’s forced to intervene when her intentions become clear. All his training is wasted as far as he’s concerned, since none of that will help him when it comes to Khloe. 
Will the self-proclaimed man-whore sleep with a woman in every country he visits as planned, or will the beautiful, yet feisty girl living down the hall throw a wrench in his plan? 

Marie James
4 stars

So I liked Kincaid but I love this book a lot more. This is the second release in the Cerberus MC series. I know that Shadow is up next because I already have it in my Kindle as well. Im guessing somewhere I got behind so its time to get back on track! I really really love the cover. Perfect pic for the character. 

Marie sets us up in the MC life but its not all brawn and brutality. The stories focus more on the relationship between the two featured characters. Refreshing to take a turn as I usually love the harder books but sometimes you need a break but don’t want to sway from the type of genre you prefer! 

Khloe has lost the love of her life and her best friend. Taking the hit that life threw her she isn’t sure she can handle being alone in the world. Alec is left on his tour to Iraq and never came back. Promises broken .. but she knew when he walked out that door her life would never be the seen. She knew in her gut something was going to happen to change her life forever. 

Kid can't imagine the family of the man killed not including his fiancé. Something is off. The girl is beautiful and he feels like an ass thinking like he is. The girl just lost her fiancé and the club is helping with the benefit …. Slow down … Where is she going after and why in the world would she do what she is about to do .. 

I really love this story. You also immediately get interaction with Kincaid and Emmalyn. Shadow shows up quickly as well. I really encourage you to click this series up. There isn’t any murder or mayhem like the normal MC read. This is an easy read and a great one to take along to the beach or the lake; cuddle up with on a rainy day or just have in your bag in case you get a moment to read. 

Thank you Marie for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. I'm anxious to dive into Shadow next! GREAT JOB! 

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