Friday, July 8, 2016

Amy's 3 star ARC Review of Strong Silent Seal by Paige Tyler

Wedding planner Felicia Bradford is in trouble. Mercenaries are holding her sister hostage and threatening to kill her unless Felicia helps them steal top secret information from the Navy’s Special Operations Headquarters. Having no other way to access the base, she pulls a gun on the first man in a Navy uniform she finds, demanding he get her through the gate. 

Navy SEAL Logan Dunn just got back from a mission in Syria and is looking for a little down time to relax. That plan goes out the window when a beautiful woman shoves a gun in his back and begs him to do something she clearly doesn’t want to do. Logan does what any Navy SEAL would do in the same situation—he saves the girl and takes out the bad guys. 

But their actions that day kick off a crazy chain of events, including a fast-burning whirlwind romance, an out-of-control sister, an insane covert plot involving a defecting Russian pilot, a mercenary bent on revenge, and a sunrise wedding for a bride who never wakes up before noon. 

Getting through her sister's kidnapping will look like a piece of cake compared to what comes next

Strong Silent Seal 
Paige Tyler
3 stars

This is the second book in the Seals of Coronado series. I have not read the first. This book is centered around the character Logan Dunn which I do not know if you meet in the first book. Maybe if I would have read book one I might be more in tune with what was going on. I don’t know. 

This book was a go from the the start and I thought this one was going to be a keeper. Its not bad but the story is very short and rushed. There is a whole bunch of things going on that include a Russian pilot and bickering sisters whom one is being held hostage and the other who has been enlisted to save her by stealing top secret information. 

Okay so the issue I have is this lead character Felicia is a wedding planner and to get into SO Headquarters she pulls a gun on the first uniform wearing man she encounters. Not for me. I do love me some fiction surrounded by military men but this was too far-fetched for me. I do have my limits. 

Logan of course finds a way to save the day and agrees to help Felicia. From a gun sticking in his back the two characters find themselves smitten with each other and then the story begins to unfold. Chasen and Hayley are in this story which I assume are in book one. Moving forward events take a turn and Logan is called away leaving Felicia to question things while wondering if she and her sister are still in danger. 

Short and to the point you could say. If you love a quick read and the mother of all fictions surrounding some Navy Seals saving the day then this is your book. Not a bad read but just too much for me. However I always tell you to click it up and give it a whirl. Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

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