Friday, July 8, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Sacrifice Love (Saints Protection & Investigations) by Maryann Jordan

Saints Protection & Investigations 
A private investigation business, pulling together men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALS, and police, devoted to the missions no one else wants or can solve. 

Chad Fornelli was used to a life of sacrifice, as a former ATF ordnance disposal expert. At the funeral of Adam, his friend and former ATF partner, saying goodbye was not the hardest part of the day for Chad. It was seeing his friend’s widow and remembering how he let the woman he loved two years earlier get away. 

Full of regrets over missed chances, he vowed to correct his past mistakes. 

Dani Turner had watched the man she love walk away two years ago and now buried her husband. Wondering if she and Chad had another chance together, she was willing to see if they had a future. But…her little surprise might change everything. 

The investigation into the explosion that killed Adam had Chad racing against the clock to stop an ISIS cell in Virginia from building more bombs. And evidence pointed to his friend being involved with the terrorists. 

Untangling the mystery, Dani was caught in the terrorist’s crosshairs as she and Chad worked together to prove Adam’s innocence…and save her life. 

Will they be able to live long enough to have their second chance? 

*****Due to mature scenes of a sexual nature and language some may consider crude, 18+ readers only!***** 
This book is a standalone, written in the Saints Series. Be warned - alpha men, strong women, suspenseful, and a sweet & steamy love story! 

Sacrifice Love
Saints Protection & Investigations
Maryann Jordan

4 stars
This is another really good installment of the Saints series. As you know sometimes you enjoy characters in the group more than others. The last book wasn't it for me so I had high hopes of loving our man Chad and that I did. This is Chad and Dani's story.

I will say along with the first release, this is one that I enjoyed the most. Two strong characters both making their careers in ATF and moving forward in different directions. A tragic incident brings them back together wondering what in the world Adam had to do with any of it. 

We flashback to Chad prior to joining the Saints to lay the story about between he and Dani. In this flashback you are introduced to Adam, his best friend. Leaving for a 6 month deployment, Chad returns home to find Dani (the love of his life) married to his best friend. Knowing he has to get away from the situation he reaches out to Jack and finds a new path. 

Dani is thrown into a whirlwind situation with her husband Adam and his secrets. Adam and she were not unhappy and things seemed normal so how could he be in the situation he is. Finding out the truth and making things right is what she intends to do. 

This story is centered around ISIS and the terrorist that live on our soil. If you have triggers from this situation please do not click. I loved the way Maryann handled this sensitive subject but also brought light to the fact that "terrorist" don't have a specific look. Its time to be vigilant and be brave. 

In this story we are given a few other stories. Luke for one has something to tell for sure. I am really interested in what is going to happen there with everything that was swirling around him. Blaise we have yet to learn what the cards hold for him. The other men are here along with their wives and the newest members of the Saints. I love seeing the family grow and I really love that we get a 5 months and a few years later story with the events that lead Dani and Chad to where they both are now. 

These books can each be read as a standalone but if you want to know the full story behind the characters and how this group has grown you need to start with Jack and Bethany. 

Thank you for the ARC Maryann. I always love seeing these show up on my Kindle. Great characters, great read and great time for this type of storyline. LOVE Dani ... strong woman and that's what makes our world go around. 

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