Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of The Words We Leave Unspoken by LD Cedergreen

 A breathtaking new novel about powerful secrets, the vulnerability in love, and what it takes for two sisters to surrender to both. 

At thirty-six, Gwen Porter has always done the right thing. A selfless pillar of strength, devoted wife and mother of two, she thrives on caring for those she loves. When Gwen learns a shattering, life-changing truth, her deepest concern is telling her husband, John. She finds herself on a destructive path of deceit and when her strength is tested, she turns to the most unlikely person. 

For Charley Brant, Gwen’s carefree, younger sister, life is about surviving another dead-end job or her next train-wreck relationship. She lives in the moment, denying herself any hope for a future. After years of relying on her sister’s handouts and support, Charley finds herself in unfamiliar territory as she struggles to be the vessel of strength that Gwen needs to navigate through the storm. 

As Gwen faces her darkest fear and an uncertain future, Charley turns to the past, unraveling secrets that will change everything that has come to define her. And in the wake of a tragedy, each will come to recognize that sometimes the most important words are the hardest ones to say. 

The Words We Leave Unspoken
LD Cedergreen
5 stars

Gwen Porter is a wife dedicated to her husband and children. Her life has been her family and being there for them. But now her life has been shattered like a glass hitting a hardened floor. Her children – her husband – she has to tell them their world is about to change. 

Gwen’s sister Charley finds herself in endless turmoil never making it completely through to the end. Jobs, relationships – you name it – it never works out. Knowing she needs to be there for her sister she is determined to finally do something right. 

This story is an emotional wreck of a fantastic story line that will rip your heart out of your chest. The writing is so good you will feel everything that Gwen and Charley are feeling – you will cry – you will shudder in disbelief and you will test your strength and cheer for hope and fight to win. 
There are honestly two stories wound together into one great one here. I promise you if you keep reading you will find your peace in the story and you won't be left a wreck. I can't promise you that through your read but as you turn the last page you will be happy that you held on to every word and rode the wave. 

Great writing and great new author to me. Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. Click this one up friends. 

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