Friday, July 8, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Sealing My Fate (Fate Series #2) by Heidi Lis

Sealing My Fate is the follow up to the novel Defying Fate. 
While reading Defying Fate first will give an in depth understanding of Sealing My Fate, it is not necessary and can be read as a standalone. 

Kara Santos fled Chicago in an attempt to escape danger. When she is introduced to a six-foot tower of muscle and tattoos, she quickly forgets her troubles. Until, evil returns with a vengeance. 

Years of living in fear came to a tragic end one dark night at a farmhouse in the middle of the woods. Kara so desperate to end her torment and save her best friend from a monster, she did the unthinkable. 

What she did not count on was the consequences her actions would ignite. 

Liam Talbot’s life was easy going until a sassy, long legged brunette came crashing into his life. Connections run deep, and Liam soon finds he is forced to make a hard decision. Give Kara up to the MC who wants retribution, or let the consequences fall on his shoulders. Faced with only one option, Liam made it his mission to keep Kara safe at all costs. 

Hidden lies, family secrets and personal vendettas will expose that no one is safe. 

Warning: Recommended for readers 18+ due to language, extremely hot and explicit sexual situations and graphic violence.

Sealing My Fate
Heidi Lis
3.5 stars

I had a very hard time reading this book although it states it can be read as a standalone. I have not read the first book but I think that the first several chapters had already taken place maybe in the first book? I don’t know as I said I have not read it. I do know that I was confused and the writing style isn’t for me. 

Our main character is being brutalized by her brother Dominic who is looking for Izzy; Kara’s best friend. She has hidden Izzy who has met Brax. After the last encounter with her brother, Kara flees Chicago to head for Izzy and meets Liam. Again I feel like this already happened maybe …. ? If it has not then its definitely written in the “past” tone of voice which is why I kept feeling … ok .. lets get to the story … Chapter after chapter I continued to feel the same way. 

Another secondary character comes in and (maybe this has already happened in book one) terrorizes Izzy and Kara. Things become a huge shit storm and lives are thrown into a hurricane of never ending drama. 

I can't really say much else along what went on because quite frankly I don’t know and I didn’t understand it myself. I rated it 3.5 stars because I feel like IF you have read the first book then this is an ending that you need concerning the relationships between these characters. The author is NOT telling a poor story so lets get that out there is as well – I just don’t know that I would recommend not reading the first book and say you could actually read this as a standalone. 

Heidi does say you will have a deeper understanding of what is going on if you read the first book but she holds that you don’t have to. In a reviewers opinion I feel as if I could have rated the book higher IF I would have been told I definitely needed to read the first book. I also am not crazy about the cover and for me it doesn't go with the story you find on the pages. Please click this one up for yourself and decide but I would for sure recommend hitting the first release up prior to reading this release. 

Thank you for the ARC! -- Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. I am also grateful for the opportunity to read! 

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