Thursday, August 6, 2015

Second Chance to Live by Roscoe T Kearns Blog Tour

Title: Second Chance to Live

By: Roscoe T. Kearns

Genre: Erotic Thriller/Contemporary Romance

A powerful, erotic and thrilling love story with a psychological twist
about a man and a woman in their mid forties who meet on an Internet
Dating site. The attraction quickly transpires into an emotional
connection and before too long they each unlock buried memories of past
events, memories neither expected to share with someone they had just
met. Things are not what they seem as we discover more about their
chequered past, a past hell bent on revenge. But it's clear from the
onset they need each other; they need to share their stories to move on
in life, a 'Second Chance to Live.'


Our lips touched, it felt like the first time again. It felt electric, butterflies flapped in my stomach and I could taste the wine aroma moving around her mouth. She tasted lovely. The grapes could have just been picked fresh from the vine. I kissed her gently at first and our lips were held together briefly. A few hours had passed but I had learnt how to kiss her and I was fully hard!

She was a passionate lover, that was undeniable to begin with, but she wanted me to be gentle and unhurried and I sensed she liked my approach. She sighed her contentment. I traced my tongue across her top lip; she quivered in my arms and I knew if this relationship was to develop then that was to be her Achilles heel.

“Do that again,” she murmured out loud, “but very slowly.”

My arm was firmly around her waist and I pulled her closer to my body. I was in control. I looked into her exquisite sparkling blue eyes and gently held her cheek against the palm of my right hand. I kissed her again, playfully and then I gently bit her lips with my lips.

“Do you know that you are beautiful?” I said, realising that I must have sounded silly and desperate but I was, so I kissed her before she could respond. I didn’t want her to correct me.

We kissed for what seemed like minutes and I could feel every detail of her moist lips with my tongue and then I pushed through and kissed her slightly harder, I was again reacquainted with her tongue. She pulled away, only a few centimetres, our noises still touched.

“I need you inside me again” she said, “I am absolutely soaking wet, how do you do that?”

She instinctively fell backwards onto the cushions and I followed. I needed to lie on top of her. We kissed again, her head arched backwards and her hair cascaded over the arm of the couch like a striking waterfall created when the earth was first formed, pleading with me to jump on in and I knew I would very soon as I desired her wetness around my cock. I ran my tongue up and down her neck passing her ear sometimes, I did this slowly and I could taste her floral smelling perfume.

Her breathing was heavy and laboured and in the silence of the night interrupted sporadically by the dying embers in the fire, I could see her breasts below her shirt heave in and out. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were once again erect, I could see them through her shirt. She was stunning and I was so turned on, I was fully hard.

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My name is Roscoe T Kearns, perhaps and I like to tell stories, to share my thoughts, to allow you access into my mind, to let my imagination run wild. So I wrote an erotic romance with a thriller twist about fate and destiny and this books called Second Chance to Live! Check it out on amazon and kindle, hope you enjoy!



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