Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Viktor by Clarissa Wild

Animal. Monster. Beast. That’s what they call Viktor Melikov, the man who hides in the dark … But even monsters need to be loved. The moment he sees the girl hired to dance for him, everything ceases to exist. It’s a feeling he’s unfamiliar with … and craves more than anything. 

Alexis Kidd sells her body. Not because she wants to, but because she needs to. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to support her family and survive. 

Now she must dance for a man hiding behind a veil. 
But when the urge to take a look grows too strong … Alexis gets more than she bargained for. 
More than Viktor was willing to give. 

Inspired by a fairytale, VIKTOR is a standalone Romance by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Clarissa Wild.

4 stars
Clarissa Wild

If you love Beauty and the Beast you will love Viktor. This is a good read and ties into some of the previous releases with bringing in characters from those books. This is the only reason for the 4 stars on this release. If you have not read those books you might not understand the whole gamut of what is going on. Also this is NOT the character of a beast but Viktor believes himself to be a monster because of his past and the scars he holds. 

Viktor hides himself behind a curtain and never gets involved with the girls he summons to dance for him. However this girl is different. She isn’t scared and she defies the rules. Alexis Kidd sells herself to keep she and her sister safe. Her “boss” is good to her. He isn’t the ordinary pimp. Although she is not being abused by him it's not the lifestyle she wants but it's what she has to do. She doesn’t remember where she came from and only has glimpses of her past. 

The man who wants her tonight only wants her to dance. Watching him through the curtain, she needs to know more. She wasn’t supposed to look and now he has her in his grasp. He let her go only after asking her name but her sister isn’t impressed. The marks he left on her … her sister will make him pay. Finding her sister gone, she knows exactly where she went after seeing his address. Alexis has to go and save her before it's too late. 

Ultimatums are made, lines are drawn but Alexis only sees a man in front of her. A man that saves her over and over. She doesn’t see a monster. Her past comes to the front and she has to keep her sister safe, and herself alive. He is the only one that can help them both … yet he is part of the problem. 

This is a good quick read. There are no cliffhangers but again you might be confused at who is at the helm of the evil that is lurking if you have not read the previous books. Its not a deal breaker but its something. If you like the modern day fairy tale between a monster and a beauty this one is for you. However in this tale the beauty isn’t an innocent Belle. 

Thank you for the ARC – Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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