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Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Walker (Bad Boys of X-Ops #1) by Rie Warren

Spinning off from the two #1 bestselling Amazon series—Carolina Bad Boys and Bad Boys of Retribution MC, headliners in Erotica Humor, Thrillers, and Suspense—come more deliciously dangerous, scandalously sexy stories, a whole new level of hotness starting with Walker. 

Explosives are Walker’s specialty, but he’s never handled anything as combustible as his enemy, Jade Huntington. 

Goddammit. All I want to do is blow shit up. Is that too much to ask? But, no. What I get is mission frigging impossible in the middle of a Beirut hotbed. I’m the renegade of Operation T-Zone, but this time I swear I’m gonna do things by the book. That is, until Jade Huntington’s involvement in my op causes a brand new snafu. 

My tribal name means desperate warrior, and that’s exactly what I am for reasons I can’t outrun. And Jade? She’s personal enemy number one. An incredibly sexy one at that. But she’ll never find out just how desperate I am for her. 

I’m not an assassin, even though I am badass. I’m a protector. Except when it comes to Walker. What I wouldn’t give to bore a bullet through his stubborn skull. We’ve been at each other’s throats for years, this time I’m determined to leave him in the dust after I shoot a few holes in him. 

We’re forced to work together when Walker practically kidnaps me and my package: the woman I’m guarding, the target he’s assigned to take out. 

Days on the run. Nights of enforced closeness. Fighting side by side. Ever-present danger ignites a desire I can’t control. But the endgame is so perilous Walker and I might not make it out alive. 

Four X-Ops alpha men. Four feisty wicked women. Four books you’ll want to sink your teeth into.Bad Boys of X-Ops.

Back to back, spring-summer 2016!:
Justice: Available for preorder now. Coming April 25th!

Walker (Bad Boys of X-Ops #1)
Rie Warren
4 stars

I loved Carolina Bad Boys and Bad Boys of Retribution MC so I dove into this one with guns blazing. I did love the fact that we see cameos from previous books but it was a hard read for me in terms of really getting into the book. I loved Walker but I think the plot was a little too much for me. 

Walker goes in, gets things done and blows things up. He is a bad bad man in a good way. However this assignment has him on edge. Something is wrong. He feels it in his gut. And just when he thinks maybe he is wrong all everything he is feeling blows up straight in his face. (Sidenote: He is amazing – love his character).

Jade – she is the enemy but Walker’s equal just in the female form. There has never been more hate for another person than Jade and Walker. She is infuriating to him and he is a stone cold bastard to her. Fighting against each other is what they do … until they don’t. (Sidenote: eh .. not a fan of her character). 

I think what was hard for me to read was that the mission was not my cup of tea nor was Jade’s character. Its odd because I love a hard ass female lead but this was an all new level and I felt like she was too much. Or maybe I wanted for Walker to be in charge all the time – I don’t know. I cant really put it into words. She was just too edgy for me. I wanted to punch her at times .. LOL! 

I am interested to find out what happens to Justice .. Lord have mercy. His book is coming out next. Im not passing on the series by any means and I love Rie’s work but I think Jade just turned me away from this book. I would never blame my men from Rie Warren. HA! 

Click it up and see what you think. Looking forward to the next release and more from our guys from all the books! Thank you for the ARC Rie. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

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