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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Cotton (Satan's Fury MC) by L Wilder


Becoming President of the Satan’s Fury MC was a bittersweet moment for Cotton. When his Uncle Saul died, he passed the gavel down to him, and while Cotton took his death hard, he immediately assumed the role with integrity and pride. He considered leading his brothers an honor, and the MC quickly became his main focus… until the day Cassidy walked into his bar and became a distraction he could not deny. She captivated him in a way no other woman ever had. He tried to resist her—to keep his walls up—but it was futile. It always seemed like she saw right through him. All it took was one night of passion with her, and he knew he’d never be able to get enough. He was determined to have her.

He thought he had it all figured out. He thought he could let his walls down and have it all…until his past suddenly came crashing into his future.


When Cassidy walked into a room, all eyes were immediately drawn to her. She exuded a beauty and youthful energy that lit a spark in everyone she met. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and was willing to wait for it. The minute she met Cotton, she was drawn to him. He was older, more mature, and so good-looking he took her breath away. Where most people only saw a hardened MC president, she saw a man who lived his life with strength and determination, filled with an unwavering sense of loyalty, and who had earned the admiration and respect of his brothers. She longed for Cotton, to be close to him. So when he began to let her in, she didn’t hesitate. 

She wanted him—all of him. In his arms, she felt save and protected. She trusted him with her heart… until he broke it, nearly destroying her in the process.

Can she ever learn to trust him again?

Cotton (Satan's Fury MC)
L. Wilder
5 stars 

All of the Satans Fury books can be read as standalones but why oh why would you want to. This is one of the best series I have gotten my hands on. The characters are so well written. The hardcore MC life is not over the top in these books so they are perfect for those who love the MC reads but not the blood and gore that goes with some of them. L. Wilder’s other series; Devil Chaser’s MC is just as good. Go grave that one up as well! 

In this release we have all the guys back with us which makes me over the top happy. However this is Cotton’s story which we knew was coming at as we turned the last page of Stitch. Nicknamed by his father because of his snow white hair, Cotton was always the one getting into mischief dragging his brothers Luke and Joe with him. When the boys father died too early, Cotton was only 13 and was determined to take on the role of providing for his family. His Uncle Saul stepped in and took over. All Cotton knew was that his Uncle was the president of a motorcycle club and was great at construction so off Cotton went to help his family out. Naturally he loved the MC and the guys he was surrounded with working on sites. Little did he know that saving Sara from his cousin Derek that night would turn into his nightmare so many years later. 

Cassidy was a woman every man wanted for himself. She was an angel and when she laughed the room stood still. Only twenty seven she had an entire life ahead of her to love the man she had eyes for. It didn’t matter that Cotton was so much older. He took her breath away and together they were pure magic. Cassidy had everything she wanted. Her sister Henley found love in Maverick, Wren and Stitch were going strong and Emerson was doing so well. The only thing left for perfection was the president of the MC, Cotton to make her his. Just when she thought her picture was complete the man she loved broke her into a million tiny pieces. 

This is such a fantastic love story. I have to say that Cotton has become my favorite but I think when we get Clutch’s book next, Cotton might have to scoot over. There is a major revelation in this book but I think I knew it was coming. However when it comes to the forefront it still stole my heart. Lives are about to change with all the boys of the MC. 

L. Wilder has gifted us some amazing characters once again. I feel like I know this group of wonderful people and that is just the best thing ever. I felt, I laughed, I cried, and most of all I pushed with Cotton when he was on his knees at his weakest. Amazing story, fantastic read, and wonderful addition to the series. 

Thank you so much for the ARC! I absolutely LOVE the cover – its perfect. Everything about this release is perfect. I cannot wait until this summer when we get Clutch. There is so much to learn and so many things to hear about. 

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