Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Jack & Coke (Uncertain Saints MC 2) by Lani Lynn Vale


Mig’s wife is a bitch. 

How else do you describe a woman that lies, cheats and steals to get what she wants? 

That’s exactly what happens when she traps him into a marriage he wants nothing to do with, saddling him with a kid that he knows doesn’t deserve to be in a world like his. 

He’s doing a pretty bang-up job at ignoring everything but his responsibilities as a DEA officer and a member of The Uncertain Saints MC. 

Then his neighbor knocks on his door, and everything he thought he knew is blown out the window. 


Annie teaches Mig that not every woman is out to get him. 

Her love for Mig stretches past what’s appropriate for two friends, and Annie soon straddles that invisible boundary between appropriate and inappropriate. 

Annie’s not a cheater, though. 

When she tries to say goodbye, Mig won’t let her leave, and soon the tiny town of Uncertain blows up with the news of Annie and Mig’s innocent friendship. 


Matters of the heart are foreign to Mig, and it takes Annie being gutted for him to see the wrong he’s done. 

He waits too long, though, and Annie’s heart is broken. 

She wants it all, or she wants nothing. She can’t take anymore half-hearted attempts at being just friends. 

The heart wants what it wants, and it doesn’t take long for Mig to realize that. 

But just when Mig finally has it all in the palm of his hand, his life is ripped to shreds by a new player in the game, and it takes all of Annie’s love and devotion, as well as help from the men of The Uncertain Saint’s MC, to put Mig back together again.

Jack and Coke (Uncertain Saints MC 2)
Lani Lynn Vale
5 stars 

Ok first of all the cover … it's amazing right??!?!?!?!! -- I LOVE the neon lettering that draws your eyes right to the tattoos on Mig. Fantastic! 

Second – it's Lani and it’s the Uncertain Saints. Of course it’s a must read. But lord for real grab a Jack and Coke before you turn the pages on this one because holy smokes there is one nasty woman slithering through the pages on this read. 

In true form Lani gives us a man to die for. Mig is married to a lying, cheating and brutal woman who tricked him in more ways than one. To top it all off he knows exactly what she did and he still is being honorable. What?!?!?! Mig is taken with his neighbor Annie but there is not one ounce of cheating, touching, or anything until certain events take place. No that isn’t a spoiler because it happens quickly within the storyline but I'm telling you I wouldn’t have blamed him one bit. In fact I was mad he didn’t cross a line. 

Annie is in love with the man who lives next door but he is taken by an evil woman. She wont ever lay her hands on him or cross a line and neither will Mig. I LOVED Annie’s character. She is smart, sassy, and takes no prisoners. Her honesty is refreshing and she definitely tells it like it is. 
This is a great story and it kept me on my toes and guessing.

I also loved two of our secondary characters who were featured; Tasha and Casten. I have a feeling this is going to be a story of stories between these two or maybe not. If you go to Lani’s page you can see the cover of Vodka on the Rocks featuring Casten. UHHHH .. HELLLLLO THERE MR ENFORCER MAN. There is a snippet of a lady there in the synopsis but it doesn’t say who. Im dying! 

There is so much going on through the pages of Jack and Coke. I can't even begin to tell you the level of deceit and betrayal. I also loved fact that all the guys are back. You do not need to read the first release (Whiskey Neat) in this series but I have no idea why you wouldn’t. That just would not be smart. In fact if you haven’t read all of Lani’s other series you need to pick those up as well. I promise you they are all amazing. 

Thank you for the ARC Lani! We get Vodka On The Rocks in July and there is always more on tap when Lani is writing so be ready! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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