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Amy's 5 star ARC Review Watching From the Shadows (Trident Security Book 5) by Samantha A. Cole

The Sexy Six-Pack is back! 

Retired Navy SEAL, Marco DeAngelis, is now an operative at Trident Security. He’s also a Dominant in the BDSM lifestyle. After a poor childhood, he is determined to stay single and childless for the rest of his life. But unbeknownst to him, one night of shared grief and comfort with his deceased sister’s best friend changes that forever. 

Harper Williams had always found her best friend’s brother attractive and the more she got to know him, the more she liked him. But Marco has made it perfectly clear a wife and children aren’t for him, even if he no longer has a say in the latter. If he didn’t want to be involved in his child’s life, then that was his problem. 

When Harper is left unconscious after a violent home invasion, the two are thrown back together and become embroiled in a web of lies and deceit of someone else’s making. Will they lose their baby…and their lives? 

The Trident Security Series – 
Leather & Lace (Devon & Kristen) 
His Angel (Ian & Angie) 
Waiting For Him (Boomer & Kat) 
Not Negotiable – A Novella (Parker & Shelby) 
Topping the Alpha (Jake & Nick)

5 stars

I am honored once again to have received an ARC from Samantha and her Sexy Six Pack. We all know I love this series, these men and their families but this book is an entire new ballgame. 
Marco Polo DeAngelis is happy for his team; the men who are his family. They are all he needs but the other guys have fallen and fallen hard. All he had his entire life was Nina. His beautiful sister who lost her fight so marriage and kids .. not in his plan. 

Harper Williams lost her best friend. She watched Nina fade away day by day. The night she and Marco shared together was in grief but turned into something more for Harper. Marco made it clear numerous times in conversation while Nina was alive that he never wanted kids or a wife so it didn’t surprise Harper when he wanted nothing to do with their child. 

Left unconscious and terrified for her child, Harper finds herself thrown into the path of Marco. Secrets, deception, and betrayal are not even strong even words to describe the roller coaster waiting for you on the pages of this brilliant release. 

Not only is this a tremendous story but we also get to see a very in depth side of one particular character that we have never seen before. There is an epic throw down that even Beau takes a stand on. There are numerous new faces, new family members on the way, and so much more. You get an update on the entire clan both near and far including Spanky! 

I have to admit .. I have a few new favorites after this release. Carter may just have to take a step back. Yes I said it …. And I would bet you might do the same. Im anxious to hear the reaction from other fans concerning one scene in particular as I immediately messaged Samantha and said .. “what .. just .. happened …. and how awesome was that!?!?!?!? “ I mean seriously cue of Playing With The Boys or Danger Zone and add a splash of aggression ... boom! BEST SCENE EVER!

Samantha has once again out done herself. Not only is there suspense, and events taking place that will just blow you away but you also have a story with the guys this time that lets you see into their hearts. I could go on and on about some specific events but I don’t do spoilers that is why I need you all to get reading! I believe that when a series becomes a part of you as a reader you want to know the most intimate details about them. We have been gifted a view into the past of a few of our good men and it made me feel special. I know ridiculous but its my ridiculous and Im owning it. Lets think about this … there is no doubt in my mind that if I was being held hostage by 100 dudes, hogtied in the middle of the nowhere the Trident Men could swoop in with a helicopter thumping overhead; Beau and Spanky hanging out of the side, guns loaded , saving me in a hot minute all while not leaving a scratch on any of us … but … getting inside these guys heads and hearts …. Absolutely AMAZING! 

I cannot wait for our next release; Whiskey Tribute 5.5 and …. Brody’s story. EEEEKKKK! Also start singing the Batman theme song … YES! 

Thank you for the ARC and thank you for writing an incredible release! You make my cup runneth over and explode. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

Update: As a reviewer its a rule that you can go back and add to or edit reviews ... I don't know if it's a real rule but I made it up and I'm using it now. -- LOL! My right to do this is completely Samantha Cole's fault. I love this series. I love it so much that I no longer can function normally in my "real" world. She is responsible for ruining me. HA! I imagine myself now wearing a Trident Security shirt to work with my nickname given by the men of Trident underneath the logo on the top left side of my shirt. Why I am wearing it to work .. because I work at Trident of course. No no no not as a receptionist but a TEAM MEMBER. I want to train with them, I want to challenge Dev and Nick on the obstacle course, I want to fly the helicopter, throw balls with Beau, high five and fist bump Tiny while walking through the gate, and lawd knows I want to watch the chaos rain down when some man tries to squirm his way into Jen Miller's heart and life, I want to go meet everyone at Donovan's pub and have Carter slip up behind me all ninja style with the guys laughing .... yes .. I have lost my ever flipping mind and its all her fault. Even crazier .. The club .. its a good part of the story but what I want in on is the action ... the chase ... Heck I even envision myself in my Ford F150 while driving to my "real" job going towards the scene making sounds of "nee ner nee ner" (that's a siren sound) crushing through traffic towards the AF base .. (my real job). Even worse .. I'm married to a Special Ops guy ... and right now hes in the shower getting ready for work. Where am I instead of in the shower with him (TMI I KNOW) .. here thinking about my Trident Security Nickname. Yup .. I've lost it .. Thank you Samantha. You are my hero. LMBO! -- Sigh ....

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