Monday, June 6, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Storm Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 3 by Rie Warren

What happens when the boss lady teams up with a badass alpha male during an outlaw MC takedown . . . 

I’m headed back to the Blood Legion MC in New Orleans, my old stomping grounds. Guns. Thugs. Broads. Cocaine nightmares. A Mexican cartel, cracker coke runners, and now there’s a new international threat in town. 

Blaize Carmichael is my only partner in this op. Blaize. As a biker babe. Jeeesus. I’ve had a bone for her from day one when she walked into headquarters—haughty, superior, and always in charge. 

There’s a goddamn good chance we’ll get made, played, and put in the grave as government-issue traitors. But I can’t help it—I love to get rough, raw, dirty, and dominant with her. 

No more yes ma’amno ma’am. Blaize is about to find out I don’t always takes orders as issued. 

I can’t stand the way Storm calls me woman or cher or sexy. As soon as we’re back in DC, I’m going to wipe that infuriating wicked smirk right off his dangerously handsome face. 

I’m always prepared for every scenario. I’ve built my career on complete professionalism in and out of the field. But when Storm comes at me with wild animal lust—when he opens up to me—when he opens me up, I can’t say no. I don’t want to. 

We’re in danger every single day we stay in NOLA. There is no way we can make it out alive. Not together. Not this time. 

Please note: This story includes a discussion of rape. This painful conversation is necessary for the growth of the couple's relationship. 

Bad Boys of X-Ops—four part series:
Walker: Available now
Justice: Purchase now!
Storm: Right here, right now
Bane: Coming in June

3.5 stars

Storm is crushing on his boss Blaize and the guys are giving him hell. Walker and Justice need to mind their business and let it alone. Getting together with Blaize is NOT a good idea. The tension is too much and walking away is exactly what needs to happen. 

Storm and Blaize are headed to NOLA to finally take down the Blood Legion MC. Running all kinds of illegal things Storm knows their play all too well. Pretending to be something they aren’t takes these two on a wild ride between what should and shouldn’t happen between them. Getting the bad guys is the goal and the easy part. Making something work between the two of them is the most explosive and dangerous mission yet. 

I'm really trying to love this series but I just am not connecting with the characters. I was so taken with the other men that Rie brought into our lives I think that I just can't let it go. I'm not going to give up on the series but I think my first love is her first series of alphas set gifted us. This is definitely for you if you love the drama, suspense and all the bad stuff a Black Ops man can do. Click it up and don’t miss out on Walker and Justice either. 

Thank you for the ARC -- Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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