Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Imperfectly Matched! (The Matched Duet) by MJ Fields

Kat has found herself caught between a Qwerty and a rock hard alpha. 
Ricco's flippant attitude towards their highly sexual relationship and Kat's dating seems to be exactly what she needs. 
Ricco is the perfect wire-less / no strings, f**k buddy. He loves her peen collection even more than she does to the point she feels nearly battered after each encounter. But when he turns up the kink even more, when Match Up, becomes a twisted virtual version of a cuckold, even Kat tries to turn down the intensity. 
@Mr.Mister becomes inventive and creepy, @baller seems too familiar, and @rider1 becomes her closest confidant. 
When things get too intense, too emotional, and the past shows up, will Kat run from her problems once again, or will she be accepting of her ImPerfect Match?

MJ Fields
5 stars

OMGAWD --- Okay so this book had my laughing because I freaking loved “The Cat” … Kat is a no holds barred no shit taking woman. YUP! It was brilliant. What a great read of a strong female lead knowing what she wants and not having a filter on her mouth. However I did go back and have to read Unsocially Yours: Match This and The Unsocial Dater in order to get the full realm of this book. I had not read it and when I realized I was missing something I backtracked so that I would be up to speed. After you know Katherine Ann Teresa Brun’s background this will make you laugh even harder at her sassy pants. 
Side note: Now I have to go back and read her other series “Men of Steel” and “Ties of Steel” because these books are just too good – And the covers are better than awesome! 

Imperfectly Matched picks up exactly where the first book ends. Kat is getting her ass handed to her by Ricco while suddenly interrupted by her sister. Shoving him out her window .. yes … out the freaking window she runs to find out why there is crying and consoling going on. Ricco’s daughter has showered in the wrong place and The Cat is going to be mad. OMG … LOL! 

Ricco is so dreamy for one, he is a single father for two and he knows just how to handle his women or woman. When you peel his layers back there is so much to love about this man. His magical unicorn … its in high demand … bwwwaaahhhhh! He and his daughter are to die for. Natalia is adorable. And Ricco is so giving he leaves Papa Smurf with Kat. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh you have no idea. 

You also have Zack and Marcus bantering back and forth which is awesome in itself as well. A Venus Fly Snatch ... I can't even .... I really can't!

This book has it all – hilarious moments, deep emotions and points to show us that life can send us huge curve balls and somehow we not only manage survive but we end up owning it. Forever Steel needs more books. There is more to these characters stories and I need to hear them. 

These three books are really great reads that will have you laughing and wanting more. I took these along to the beach and loved every minute of them. Usually if Tracy and I get a book that is not the first book in a series or if we have not read the first books we will ask to get them before continuing. I took it upon myself to snatch the other two previous books up without asking because the first few pages I read from Imperfectly Matched were that good. 

Thank you for the ARC -- MJ. I need more of this. Send whatever else over and I will read it and review it with a smile on my face! Otherwise Im going to go grab them up anyway! 

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