Thursday, June 30, 2016

Amy's 4 star Review of Hard Core by Tess Oliver

Warning: This sexy new page turner from New York Times bestselling author Tess Oliver may lead to a serious book hangover!


Sometimes one good dose of trouble could turn your life around, put you on the right path. But I'd taken the opposite side of the forked road and headed off looking for even more trouble, like a junkie constantly searching for the next high. Never would I have guessed that turn would lead me to her

I couldn't stop thinking about her. She was an angel, a hard core, bone-fide angel and in her short life, she'd already had a taste of hell.


Despair. Heartbreak. Silence. That was all I'd grown to know, until he showed up next door.

The handsome, tattooed stranger had the kind of eyes that were hard to look away from, and he gazed at me as if we'd been friends or even lovers in a different life. He looked at me as if he knew me, andsuddenly I had this flash of feeling as if I was right where I was supposed to be.

Hard Core is a full-length, standalone novel.
Contains mature content. Intended for readers 18+

Hard Core
Tess Oliver
4 stars -- only because I wanted more and it felt left unfinished – I'm selfish like that. 

What a really fantastic and intriguing read! I was so glad I found this one on Tracy’s blog and clicked it up. Hard Core is a love story of a different kind. I can't say how because it would spoil some very interesting events but I'm telling you its very much worth the read. 

Jacy is starting again. Moving to the sleepy beach town of Rockwood and opening up the coffee shop was a lifeline for her. Her best friend Rachel owns the bakery next door and someday the dream of making the two shops one big place to hang your hat will make things even better. Rex was her faithful companion and between she and Rachel that was all Jacy needed. The dark sometimes pulled her back down and in those times she survived but for the most part things were okay as long as she stayed within her small circle she had spun around herself. 

Ledger (holy swooning man of men) has just walked through the gates with no looking back. Serving two years for a crime he committed when he was “out of his mind” brought him to where he is now. Rockwood Beach is the perfect place to start over and to try and make something of himself. His parents loved him and there was nothing more he wanted to do than to prove to them he was worth something. He never had the chance to tell his father goodbye. Stories he heard on the inside where the only thing that kept him going and wanting more for his life. 

The secondary characters in this book are just as special as the Jacy and Ledger. Mike is someone who I would love nothing more than to hear more about but I don’t think we will get that. Rachel – now I would love to have a book around her. She is quite the character and perfect as Jacy’s best friend. Maybe we might get something as she is a bouncy ray of sunshine wrapped up in a fresh breeze; the perfect personality combination for Jacy and her past. 

I know Tess stated this was a standalone but Im not satisfied with the ending … I want to see further into this story and know more about all the characters. Come on Tess make us a book two! 

Great easy read but does contain some violence against women. Nothing explicit as far as descriptors in any chapters but it is mentioned as well as a loss of life -- just know it's involved in Jacy’s past but it's not a length mention or brutally graphic. 

Click this one up and carry it along to the beach or lake! You won't regret it. 

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