Thursday, June 23, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Vodka On The Rocks (Uncertain Saint’s MC #3) Lani Lynn Vale

There are rules to life that one just obeys in order in her attempt stay on the right path. For example: 
1. You don’t wear dirty panties out of the house. You just never know who’s going to see them. 
2. A lady must always have chocolate at the ready—just in case the world as she knows it comes to an end. 
3. You don’t egg on a drunk woman who’s pissed off at life. 

Why, you ask? Because they start bar fights, that’s why. 
Casten Red, the unofficial enforcer of The Uncertain Saints MC, wasn’t necessarily trying to urge her into doing anything illegal, and he definitely wasn’t trying to get her into a fight with a group of men who were all twice her size. 
No, he only intended to give her the confidence to stand up for herself, just a little nudge in the right direction. How the hell was he supposed to know she’d go all Chuck Norris on them and put three of them in the hospital with concussions? 
He should’ve followed his gut instinct and turned around that first moment he saw her in the bar, but Casten has never liked following the rules. Why the hell would he start now? 

5 stars

OMG! This is what I have been waiting for .. along with all the other books in her series but hey … A girl needs what she needs. Casten Red and Tasha Gonzales; Annie’s sister whom we met in Jack and Coke along with Mig – her man. However that’s only book 2 in this series. You need to also pick up Whiskey Neat which is Griffin Storm’s book. 

We knew that something was brewing between Casten and Tasha in Jack and Coke but we weren’t sure just what. Both of these characters are like two Category 5 hurricanes running into each other on the coast leaving a trail of complete destruction in their aftermath. 

Starting with the Prologue and Tasha’s secret thoughts I was of course done for. Lani has used my all time favorite quote that beings with Sometimes you can't help but be a f**cker ….. YES! When you read any of Lani’s books don’t skip other the characters secret thoughts. Sometimes they are coffee mug quotes are t shirt quotes but they are 100 percent a huge part of the book and the storyline. 

Down to handing Casten a cup of coffee from the coffee shop with his name listed as “Whore-Hey” to Tasha being compared to Chuck Norris this book has everything you need in a laugh out loud courtship. I can't say too much more because there are a million fantastic moments that I had to read over and over they were just too enormous to read once. Don’t get me wrong there is suspense. Someone is stalking Tasha … and I mean spooky stalking. The man knows Tasha’s every move and although Casten sees red every time this woman comes into the air he breathes he cannot leave her unprotected. 

Casten is a magnificent man in all aspects. We get to meet his family and quickly understand why his two sisters live with him. CeeCee and Rhea --- we meet Shawshank and Donkey Kong or Kong for short and Koda. LOVE THEM ALL! There is another man involved in Casten’s family but I will leave that for you to find out who is he and what his deal is. Casten’s mom well that is another story. 

I loved that we get mention of Free, The Kilgore FD, and Free. YESSSSS! Tai is in a snippet. All of the rest of the boys are along for the ride on this one as well. Ridley, Peek, Wolf, Core … it's just a smorgasbord of wonderful glorious men. 

Lani’s stories are a breath of fresh air. Pick a series – start with it and then pick another and start again. Get caught up on any of them because you won't be sorry. Every book it worth every penny, your time and your energy – I have loved every single character I have met through her eyes and from her head. 

Thank you Lani for another 5 star read – Keep them coming – We all are ready for Bad Apple: Mr. Apple Core Drew himself. In the meantime I'm going to click on over to Flash Point. Kilgore Fire is waiting with Mr. Booth Jones. 

Thank you for the ARC Lani! It's ALWAYS an amazing day when I click up the Kindle and your name appears. 

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