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Amy's 4 star review of the Forsaken Sinners MC Series by Shelly Morgan

Synopsis - 

When life gives you lemons, it’s time for shots of tequila. 

That’s my new saying in life, and trust me, life has handed me lots of lemons. 

My name is Danielle DeChenne, and for eighteen years I took every punch “destiny” threw at me. Now I’m no longer a naive girl. Traumatic abuse will do that to you. I was forced to grow up too fast, and the one person I depended on—that gorgeous Marine, Zane—turned his back on me. So now I say screw the lemonade and just give me a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, because I don’t believe in destiny anymore. 

There is no pre-destined path set out for each of us. That crap doesn’t exist. 

Sometimes bad things happen…it’s just how the world works. It sucks, but you have to pick yourself up and get on with your life. Even if it’s an impossible task. 

I’m done sitting around and waiting for my life to change or something good to fall in my lap. It took me awhile to understand, but once I stopped being the doormat for destiny, it was time for me to take control. Now I decide where I go in life and what will happen. It won’t always be pretty, it will sometimes hurt like hell, but I will make sure I live my life to the fullest… 

Then the gorgeous Marine from my past returned with a vengeance—except this time, I was ready for him. 

It's time to rewrite destiny.

Review - 
Book One gives us Danielle and Zanes story. We meet the two main characters while they are in their early years. While holding onto each other and being inseparable a terrible event takes place crushing their road together to a road of broken and separate travels. Danielle’s life is changed forever leaving her hardened and sporting jagged edges. She meets Mack, the President of the Forsaken Sinners MC while staying across from his tattoo shop. Needing a better place to stay other than the motel she is currently seeking shelter in; she takes the room available at the tattoo shop. Coming into her own years later she hears the voice of a man who left her wounded and on her own …. How can this be the same person she lost so long ago and why does he have no idea who she is. 


With a dark past of abuse, Toby Smith full-on raged against life. 

After years of neglect from his junkie mother, Toby turned to the one thing that made his fury go away—mixed martial arts. Now, as an adult, he lives and breathes his training club and fighting, inside or outside of the cage. But when a mousy blonde walks into his gym for a self-defense class he's teaching, that all fades away. 

Sara Carmichael was always a doormat—until the day she took her life back. 

Struggling to cope with years of physical and emotional abuse from a boyfriend, things take a turn for the worse. Drunk and in rare form, he nearly violates her in unspeakable ways. So she leaves and escapes from New York to California, hoping it’s far enough away that he won't find her. 

Sparks fly in the most uncommon places. 

When Sara and Toby meet, they never expected it would be in a sweaty gym. When they are together, Toby feels things he can’t understand. But when Sara’s past clouds their present, will she be strong enough to defend her new life? Or will Toby snap and become the man she’s always feared? 

It’s one thing to fight for love, but it’s another when you’re…Fighting Destiny.


Fighting Destiny
This is the second release in the Forsaken Sinners MC series. Both of these characters suffered from emotional and physical abuse. Beware if you have triggers. Toby and Sara. Sara is running from her past of abuse from boyfriend. A man who took things from her she cannot replace. Refusing to be a victim any longer she hopes she can run far enough away from the monster that threatens to control her. Sara needs to learn how to defend herself just in case he comes to find her or her current job puts her in the line of fire. Sara refuses to ever be a victim again. Being in control is something she needs for herself to make it through healing from her past. Toby helps his trainer out at the gym, does some underground fighting and is a member of the FS. Dani and Blaze are happy and Toby wonders if he can have the same thing they do. Both fought to survive and came back from the dark so maybe he can too. The secondary story in this release deals with some members not agreeing due to an incident which I believe leaves a prologue and a sneak peek into our next release.

Synopsis - 

Twenty-six-year-old Louie Creighton knows there is something inside him he can’t control… 

Ever since he can remember, Louie has had a short fuse. People always said he’d amount to nothing. He wasn’t smart enough to get into college. He wasn’t tough enough to be a Marine. No one believed in him. 

No one except his father, Mike Creighton… 

Louie’s father always taught him to turn the other cheek. He was a true mentor, teaching him how to be a man in a world of cowards. But when his father is murdered the day after scratching a winning lottery ticket, Louie’s inner monster can’t be contained. He becomes determined to track down the suspect at any cost. All along, he struggles to live by his father’s motto—To find out what you live for, you have to discover what you’d die for. 

Then he meets Harlow McPherson… 

Her entire life has been a battle. Harlow grew up in the system, bouncing from one foster home to the next. Most weren’t that bad, but some were hell. 

The only comfort was the fact she wasn’t alone. Her twin brother, Hendrix, was always there—until he took his own life years later, abandoning Harlow in a cruel world. Unable to forgive, it’s Louie who reminds her there’s still hope. 

When Louie unleashes his inner monster, and Harlow finally faces her demons, will they lose themselves to the darkness, or risk it all Defying Destiny?

Review -

Defying Destiny
Louie is trying to control his demons. His father has been his guide and now that he has been taken from him there is no way to control what lies beneath the surface. Finding the man responsible for taking his only solace away will be the last thing he does no matter where it lands him. Harlow fought the system moving from place to place never wanted. The only person that kept her going was her twin brother Hendrix. He was always looking out for her but now he is gone. She wont forget and she certainly wont forgive. Being alone she is tainted and the world is black to her. There is no light and no hope. Two lost souls need to find their way out together and hope they can help each other heal in the third release. Stories need to be put to rest and chapters need to be turned and ended .. doing it is going to be very complicated and brutal. 

An uncertain future is all Dani DeChenne ever expected—and she was right. 

A woman usually has a sixth sense about being pregnant. But a tattoo artist who never intended on being a mother—not so much. Instead, she passes out at the gym, and her boyfriend, Zane Hendricks, is the first to find out while she is still unconscious. 

To say Zane is over the moon would be an understatement. But Dani’s lonely childhood with an absent mother makes her afraid of becoming a parent herself. What if she sucks at it and her child ends up hating her? 

With every fear, there’s hope for a brighter future. 

Once Dani gets over the shock, her heart is set on the family she and Zane will build together. But the bliss is short-lived as her pregnancy progresses and Zane’s duties keep him away. Depression sets in, and Dani feels more alone than ever. 

It isn’t until an old high school friend drifts into town that Dani has someone to talk to. Jax Reynolds is there on business, looking for a permanent job in security. When Zane catches wind of some guy hanging around his pregnant girlfriend, hospitality flies out the window. But by some miracle, the three become good friends, and Dani finally has the stability she always wanted. 

Or so she thought. 

When tragedy strikes, every second makes the difference between a bright future or a disastrous fate. And beyond the immediate danger threatening to ruin Dani and Zane’s lives, an even more treacherous secret might be the one thing that can destroy it all forever.


Born Into Destiny
This is a continuation; a short novella of Danielle and Zane; expecting parents. Dani isn’t sure of how she is going to handle motherhood but Zane knows she will be fantastic. In usual form Zane is behaving like an obsessed man after finding out his girlfriend is pregnant. He isn’t allowing her to do anything or much less even act like a functioning person. When in old friend comes back into Dani’s life things start to get a little interesting. Zane seems to not be where he says he is going to be and secrets start to unfold. The toll on the relationship hasn’t even begun yet .. you thought it did in their release but nothing like what we see here. Not to give anything away you are going to be frustrated and think Dani and Zane are never going to get it right …. Keep turning the pages and don’t hold your breath because it’s a wild one. 

This was a pretty good series. The characters were fairly well written and the storylines were good. We get to revisit old friends in the books and continue with the stories of the member of the MC we have already met in some form. All of the characters have some sort of brutal past they are trying to overcome or something they are fighting for. If you are an MC fan go ahead and click this series up. Give the first book a whirl and if you enjoy them click up the rest. They are all free on Kindle Unlimited. The next release is Owning Destiny which is Macks story. 

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Thank you for the good reads and the chance to review!

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