Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Amy's 4.5 star ARC Review of Controlled Burn (The Kilgore Fire Series Book 4) by Lani Lynn Vale

July Dupree and Dean ‘PD’ Hargrove fell head over heels in love. When PD comes home to tell July the good news about joining the SWAT team as a tactical medic, everything changes.

July can’t fathom why PD would want to be a cop in this day and age. Wasn’t it enough that he already had a dangerous job with the fire department? Now he has to add another, even more dangerous, job to the equation? With so many cruel people in the world who make a sport out of hurting cops just because of the badge they wear, she has to make him understand. But when he refuses to listen to her reasoning, she feels she has no other choice but to issue an ultimatum: her or the SWAT team.

Dean doesn’t like ultimatums. He’s furious with July for putting him in the awful position of having to choose between a dream and her.
July never believes for a second that he’d choose the SWAT team over her, but she is wrong.

A year later, they’re both still in love with each other, but neither one is willing to budge regardless of their feelings.

July’s feelings for Dean haven’t changed, in fact her love for him has only grown. But seeing him living his life seemingly unaffected by the loss of what they had breaks her heart over and over each time she sees him.

Dean has a good poker face, though. He’s just going through the motions of his life until finally, the smoldering embers of his feelings erupt into a full-on blaze of emotion, burning through everything but his love for July. When the smoke clears, Dean wants to know if they can reignite the fire of their love or is he destined to live his life in a constant state of controlled burn?

Controlled Burn
Lani Lynn Vale
4.5 stars

The Kilgore Firemen are back … and others too. A certain MC group makes an experience as well. YESSSS! There is one coming that Im so ready for and have been waiting and waiting .. but not saying who it is. Anyway … 

Dean and July have a past. Seeing him again would wreck her; she isn’t strong enough to stay away but she has to. Being independent has brought her so much and being with Dean again would be devastating. She still hasn’t healed her wounds from before. If only …. 

Dean was frustrating for me. Omg I wanted to punch him in the balls so many times and say get with the program. He is bossy and full of himself yet over protective of what and who he wants. What he wants is July. The past was a mistake. Letting her go was a mistake. The mountains they need to move and the walls they need to crush are huge and hard. 

I loved July – she is independent, strong, sassy, and a take no crap kind of woman. That is my kind of lead female. She made “herself.” No one gave her anything to get to where she is. I had to sit on this one for a bit because I was mad when I was reading it. Really mad … HAHA!

There is a character in this one that is just a full on witch. I couldn’t stand her from her first words and knew she was going to be an issue. I won't say much more but I wanted to drag her by her hair out of the picture and like I said at the same time d**kpunch Dean. The cover says it all for me. There is some arrogance there in those eyes. I want to get toe to toe with Dean and say .. Man what the heck!??!!! Do you not see ... ????? 

Love the characters – love all the series and am a huge fan. Keep writing away Lani. We are anxiously awaiting you know who. LAWDT please help me when that one comes out. --- Oh and one more thing .. there is another character at the end that I think we will be hearing more about down the road somewhere. Just not sure in whose backyard she will show up. Can't wait for that one either! 

Thank you for the ARC Lani. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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