Saturday, February 27, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of It Is What It Is (Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club #3) by DR Graham

Tracking down the runaway teenage daughter of a senior member of the Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club should be a quick, easy assignment for Tait—a chance to finally earn his full patch and officially belong to the outlaw biker family. But Tait didn’t count on the complication of working alongside the sassy-mouthed older sister, Kolby. He also didn’t count on the mission leading them into the clutches of a lethal international drug ring. Going against direct orders and relying on nothing but his training and wits, Tait will have to risk his patch and his life to get everyone out alive. 

It Is What It Is
DR Graham
3.5 stars

So I usually love the motorcycle riding hard nosed suspense crazy books .. but this one had me at a loss. I wasn’t crazy about the MC name so that was the first kicker for me. Then there was the international drug ring … again a little over the top for this girl. I know .. not fair but I have my ideas about keeping with one crime lord at a time than spanning all of the goodness into one. 
Kolby needs to find her little sister Roxie. The only person she knows to go to is her step dad Cisco. The man loves them both with all he is. Their mother .. worthless. When going to the clubhouse to see Cisco and ask him for help there is a man there. Tait wants nothing more than to patch in with the MC and this may be his ticket. Finding a spoiled girl cant be hard right?!?!? 

Here comes the Mexican Cartel and everything else. The back and forth between Kolby and Tait is laugh out loud funny at times. I do love her character for sure. Sassy, strong willed and knows what she wants for sure. That kept me turning the pages to say the least. The story line was just a bit too much for me. I couldn’t get into the story and just wanted to read about Kolby and Tait on the romantic side. 

There are other books I think in the series maybe? There is a long list at the end of this one so not sure if I missed something or if I would benefit from reading them prior. I just wasn’t crazy about this one. But you can make up your own mind. Click it up and give it a shot. 

Thank you for the ARC --- Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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