Monday, February 8, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Closed Heart by Willa Thorne

Jackson Rochester's stare pierces through Elyse Mendez's soul, stirring her wildest fantasies. She can’t deny her body’s response to him, but she can control her mind - and her mind is telling her that if Jackson knew the secret she's holding, that he would ruin her.

Jackson is intensely passionate and sinfully dirty. He's a billionaire playboy who has an eye for Elyse, a youth center volunteer, blogger, and college student. Her avoidance of him only makes him more determined to break down her walls - but after he strips her bare, will the cost of the truth be too much for even Jackson to handle?

This is a standalone novel with a HEA. It features characters from The Manhattan Tales series, but can be read completely on its own.

Closed Heart
Willa Thorne
4 stars

The first night Jackson Rochester saw Elyse Mendez she had on headphone singing softly. He heard the voice of an angel. Funny enough through her feathered mask at the party she was blowing breaths onto the windows and doodling in the condensation. Enchanted with her, Jackson was curious to know who would attend a party and then wear headphones just to get away from it all. 
Jackson Rochester made Elyse’s heart stop. He was the most beautiful , intense and daring man she had ever seen. Avoiding him since Jillian and Mason’s wedding was the best thing to do. He was Mason’s cousin and Elyse had done a fantastic job not being around the man until now. Jillian is insistence that she get out as well as her not understand why her friend was avoiding Jax. 

Reminding Jillian of her mistakes and that her life is full with her blog and the kids from the center Jillian lets up. There are too many secrets that involved that man directly from Elyse being the cause of his heartaches. She can never give in … 

This was a really good read and although there are characters in the book from a previous series I have not read I didn’t feel lost. However I can say I will go back and read The Manhattan Tales Trilogy for sure now. I want to know everything that went on between Jillian Pryor and Mason Woodward. 

Jax and Elyse are characters who are written very well. My heart went out to Elyse being thrown into the system and enduring abuse. She harbored the faults of her mother and never felt she was worthy of much and certainly not Jax. The truth was brutal but I promise you keep reading. I mean you talk about a character being stripped bare. Elyse is a strong woman … she just needed help getting there. 

Great read and very enjoyable! Thank you Willa for the ARC! I cant wait to go back and read the other books as well as the ones yet to come. 

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