Sunday, February 14, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of The Road Back To Us (Foundation 3) By Kira Adams

After leaving for Twisted Tour, Peyton Lane thought her relationship with Jace Austin was stronger than ever, but she was wrong. Tabloids and magazine gossip took center stage, and their relationship took a back seat. So, she did what any logical young adult would do: she moved on. 

Moving on is easier said than done, especially when it comes to Jace. He knows Peyton is his soulmate. He’s known it all along. He let her slip through his fingers once before, but he won’t do it again. This time he’s playing for keeps.

The Road Back To Us ( Foundation 3)
Kira Adams
3.5 stars

I have not read the previous releases in this series so that makes this review a little tough as I have no back knowledge of the characters except for reading the blurb from the author. That makes it really tough sometimes to give a fair review and I hate that. Again if you are a fan of a series that we receive and ARC of that we have not received the previous releases on don’t take my word for it. Click the book up and see for yourself. 

Peyton Lane finds herself in a really bad situation waking up with a large arm wrapped around her and a stranger breathing down on her neck. She desperately is trying to find her clothes without waking the stranger but isn’t having much luck. Jace is gone – publicity made sure of that along with long road trips and indiscretions. 

Jace is still in love with Peyton. Im not sure all of the turmoil that they went through in the past but in this release it's drama all over the place. I couldn’t really determine what was going on because I was too busy wondering what caused all of this between the two. It's evident that the people leading their careers have the two heading into somewhat different directions with what seems no roads leading to each other. 

There was so much push and pull in this book and like I said I didn’t read the first releases so it was tough for me to really get into the story and the characters. I was also frustrated with their antics towards each other. It seems very “young minded” instead of adult. 

I thank you for the ARC and again it was difficult for me to review this book without knowing the past history of the characters. If you are a fan of Peyton and Jace though click it up! 

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