Sunday, February 28, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Into The Heat by Tamara Lush

Leo Villeneuve is a wounded, tattooed Afghanistan war veteran who is trying like hell to avoid his pain--and his past.

He returns to Florida in hopes of healing, but also knows he's running from danger. On a sun-kissed beach he runs into Jessica Clarke, the one woman he's never forgotten. Their attraction for each other burns as hot as the summer sun, but Leo's got secrets he can't reveal. Because, if he does, he'll risk the one thing he can least afford to lose: Jessica's love.

Into the Heat ...

A book about first love and second chances. And unforgettable passion.

Into The Heat
Tamara Lush
5 stars

So we all know I love the hero reads. This one had my heart in pieces at times.

Leo is returning to Florida after surviving hell in Afghanistan. He lost himself to the Marines the last five years. He needs to find calm before he goes crazy. He needs to repair himself to a whole person. Coming back home to help his father, he remembers a girl; the girl who holds his heart; the girl who can fill the emptiness in his soul; Jessica Clark. Her parents took her away and diverted their roads to each other all those years ago but not this time. Leo won't allow it. 

Jessica knows she isn’t the beauty queen; the golden model type. She is curvy, leaving her confidence in pieces. Her past has molded her into who she is now. The love of her life vanished. She thought they were more than what they obviously were. No one leaves out of the blue when they care. Leo is back …. But why after all these years. 

This is just a heart wrenching wonderful story. I cant even explain the torment both these characters exude from the pages. I found myself taking a lot of deep breaths trying to keep myself composed between Leo’s suffering and Jessica’s self esteem issues. Wow …. 

You will find yourself yearning for these two characters to find their way back to each other. There are of course secrets that need to be seen and heard – GAH! -- I was so taken with this book. 

Thank you Tamara for the ARC. What a beautiful set of characters you gifted us with. 
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