Thursday, February 4, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Transcendent (A Forbidden Romance Series #2) Shevaun Delucia

Love, desire, and the undeniable hunger for another living being is something Jeffrey Bauer knows nothing about. Women have always been drawn to him like moths to a flame. But, he’s been careful to never indulge in the same woman more than once; it’s a rule he has always abided by. A rule that has kept him safe—until now. 
Jeff’s impervious world now crumbles to the wayside once he crosses paths with her—Elise Jewels. She knocks down his walls with just one glance. She grabs ahold of his soul, without permission, and keeps it hostage. She’s become the exception to his simple rule. 
Elise screams innocence and purity—a beauty that Jeff doesn’t want to taint. He has to decide to embark on his deepest desires with Elise or to save her from himself by staying far away. 
Will he be able to fight the irresistible pull she has on him? Or will he allow her to slip away?

Transcendent (A Forbidden Romance Series #2)
Shevaun Delucia
3.5 stars

We have another book that I have not read the first release on so again its hard for me to feel that I am giving a solid and fair review. Im the reader that loves to know all the characters that are passing across the pages so when I don’t know the back story on someone who is mentioned are involved in the next release it makes it difficult for me to move forward. Having said that please take my reviews for what they are as I am always honest. Don’t NOT click it up because if you don’t need the whole story then of course yes, these can be read as standalones – Im just weird like that!

Elise is the image of a saint; a wholesome woman with virtue coursing through her veins. Elegance such as hers should not be darkened by a man the likes of Jeffrey Bauer. Her beauty is a force that draws him in; but for her own sake he needs to keep his desires to himself. He doesn’t deserve her and she certainly doesn’t need him. He never tangles himself in the sheets more than once with the same girl and attachments .. NO WAY. 

Elise is stuck in the rut of caring for her mother. She isn’t the angel that mothers should be; in fact she is far from it. If she isn't drunk she is high – is she isn’t high she is drunk and then there are the times she indulges in both. Her life is what it is. Running into each other sharing the same friends Elise is smitten with the obvious player standing in front of her. However she knows someone like him would never want someone like her. Little does she know it’s the exact opposite.

The characters were real written and the story line was decent. There were some definite Im going to punch Jeff in the face for sure. Shevaun is a new author to me and I enjoyed the ARC. However again I felt I was missing something without having read the first release. Thank you for the read and go see for yourself! Let me know what you all think! 

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