Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of The Hunted by H J Bellus


Warning: This is a dark romance standalone that contains violence, strong language, and graphic sexual situations. 

Revenge. Blood. Lies. Hate. 

The good guy is the bad guy and the bad guy is the good guy. 

Or is that what they want you to believe? 

In a city where crime is at an all time high and new mutilated bodies are showing up every day, who do you trust? 

He’s the silent neighbor who vanishes at night and reappears when the morning news is reporting on the latest victim. 

How do you know this? 

You watch him through the curtains as his silent stalker. Everything about him is twisted, but you can’t get past his stare. It’s hypnotizing and the hardest pull you’ve ever experienced...you know it’s all wrong. 

Then he walks through your front door covered in blood. 

Who will you trust?

The Hunted 
H J Bellus
4 stars

Sooo …. Wow. H J Bellus is one heck of a plot twister and throwing a wrench in what you think you know. I had my brain completely blown to bits on this one. 

Basil Harper is a free spirit. Her mother was a hippy and loved her to her very soul calling Bay her sun. I absolutely LOVED this character along with her quirky Momma. I also loved the fact that we had a Momma who loved her child as much and more as a mother should and vice versa. Bay has taken to the city to find her way. Stew hired her to work in the strip club waiting tables; something she can never tell her friend Ivy. Ivy has tried to convince Bay to go into student hell debt and come to college with her but Bay knows that isn’t what she wants. She wants to save for Art school and make her own way. 

Bay is drawn to her mysterious neighbor. He comes home in the early hours and leaves late at night. She doesn’t know if she should feel safe or threatened when he's around. The murders in the city are getting closer and closer to her rundown apartment. Being the strong woman she is, Bay is bound and determined to make her job work, save for school and keep herself safe until she finds herself plastered against the back of the sexy ass man who is Van Hollis; her neighbor. Argo will never have her, no man will ever touch her again because she belongs to Van. 

Van Hollis knows he is no good for the pure beauty standing he's holding on to but he won't let anyone touch her. When Argo approached her he lost it … when the bachelor party asshats grabbed her he would have killed them if it wasn’t for her stepping in. He is Big Bad Wolf .. he shouldn’t be involving her in his life. 

Get ready for some sexy times laced with brutal murder. LOVE IT! There are also some fantastic secondary characters in this read. Stew, and the President of the Sons of Iron Satan motorcycle club, his old lady Brenda whom I loved of course … then there is Ivy and Gannon .. those two got on my nerves as they were constantly it seemed judging Basil in some underhanded way. Maybe not but it was weird to me. What I need to know is are the Sons of Iron Satan in another series because I need them in my life HJ! 

Van is a beast. This character is more than you think as you continue to read. Hes a good man .. that’s all Im saying. I said before that I also adored Basil’s mom and how she was written. I did get irritate a few times with Bay but nothing that made me put the book down. It was more so about some of her choices – again you will have to flip the pages to find out. Argo .. not going there either. Get ready for a big loopdie loop though .. you think you know .. oh but trust me .. you don’t. 

Thank you for the ARC HJ! LOVED this book and hope to hear more from these two down the road. 

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