Sunday, March 27, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC review of Above Protection (Imperfect Heroes Series) by C. J. Pinard

He's bearded, angry, highly trained, and has a job to do. 
She's the damsel in distress who's smarter than she looks, and doesn't want anyone's help. 
Could it be they both need something neither will admit to? Fate fueled by the laws of attraction may just decide for them. 

I didn’t ask for this. I was just doing my job, and they have the nerve to put me on a Witness Protection detail? This is crap. I’ll do my assignment, then go back to my job and what I love – kicking ass and taking names. I hadn’t spent 6 years in the Marine Corps to be put on babysitting duty once I’d joined the FBI. The witness they assigned me to, Rayanne, is an annoying, brainless blonde with a sassy mouth and a body that belongs on a website you had to pay to access. Not that I noticed or anything. 

I can look after myself. I don’t need anyone’s help, and the government is being ridiculous for putting me in Protective Custody. I'll testify against my former bosses and then go back to my life as a single girl in the big city. I love my career as a paralegal, and once this Neanderthal they’d assigned to babysit me is out of my life, I'll go back to it. I just wish he wasn’t so easy on the eyes. The beard, the hard body, and that voice. Why couldn’t they have sent me someone ugly – and nice? Because Duke is neither of those things. 

ABOVE PROTECTION is book 1 in the Imperfect Heroes Series. For readers 18+.

Above Protection 
CJ Pinard
3.5 stars

Rayanne has been put into a very disturbing situation. The two men she has worked for and considers family are being charged with various crimes but the worst is murder for hire. She doesn’t want to testify against the men she considers her family and has no idea why anyone would think she would know anything about the charges or why this is happening. Now, her life's in danger and she is being taken from her life and thrown into the witness protection program.

Duke is being punished. All his arrest are being questioned as his use of excessive force is going to be investigated if he doesn’t take this assignment. The last thing he wants to do is babysit. Every arrest he has made the perp has done something to warrant the use of force; it's just that in today’s society everyone with a camera phone is screaming police brutality. Taking this assignment will keep the investigations at bay and take the heat off of him according to his boss so he has no choice but to get the job done. 

This book was just an ok read for me. The story wasn’t in depth and you could guess from the get go what was going to transpire between these two. There was a wow moment when the hearings were about to start and who was crossing who came out but that was about the only “gotcha” few minutes. However if you are looking for an easy read that doesn’t take long to turn to the last page then this book is for you. Its very easy to pick this one up and set it down and return to the story later if you have distractions running around. 

I will also say Duke was an interesting character. I could have read a lot more from him and his part did leave me wanting to know more about his past. 

Thank you CJ for the ARC. I appreciate the chance to read and will certainly read more from you. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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