Monday, March 7, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Steel (The Beat and The Pulse #5) By Amity Cross

All Josh “Steel” Caplin ever wanted was a little bit of glory…until he was left for dead on the street outside a hospital ER. 
The last thing he remembers is being beaten to a pulp at The Underground, the illegal cage fighting ring that’s bad news, but the only place he feels he belongs. 
When he finally wakes up, he stares right into the eyes of an angel and for the first time wonders if there’s something more out there for a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. 
When Dr. Holly Walsh finds an unconscious man on the street, she stakes her claim over her patient for better or worse. When he finally opens his eyes, she isn’t prepared for how deep that claim is about to run. 
They both have pasts they’d rather forget, but together they’re stronger…if only they’re strong enough to fight for each other. 
Can a bad boy fighter and a big time surgeon really make things work? 
Or when their two worlds collide, will it be sirens…or sparks? 

STEEL is the fifth full length novel in the bestselling Beat/Pulse series from Amity Cross. 
Time to fight for the broken hearted…

Steel (The Beat and The Pulse #5)
Amity Cross
5 stars

As you all know I believe that Amity Cross can do no wrong in the Beat and The Pulse Series. Yes, once again she has filled my heart with joy introducing us to a new character; Josh Steel Caplin. Im pretty sure in one of the previous books we meet Josh in the ring at the Underground as Ash beats him within an inch of his life I just can't remember which one or maybe I made it up in my head. Either way this is his story; a story that begins with him being dumped on a backboard in front of the ER. Dr. Holly Walsh finds a bloody and broken man outside on the street in front of her hospital and does what she does best; saves his life. 

This is a really great story of two broken characters; one more so than the other. Steel believes the only place he is worthy is in the cage but Holly sees so much more in the man. However throwing herself into another potentially toxic relationship is not what she needs. She ran from her past hoping to create a different story for herself but yet it seems she is destined to allow men to break her. 

There is also a bit of suspense that brings Charlie back around. We get a small glimpse of Rebel as well as Ash and Ren but nothing more from the rest of the gang. I found myself going back over the pages hoping to find more from our original characters but I there wasn’t anything! Amity is keeping us in the dark and guessing which keeps us coming back for more. 

Steel is a great story of forgiving and finding out that every person is worthy and deserves to rise up from their dark. Great characters, fantastic read and looking forward to the next release! Click this one up and carry it to the beach with you. Its an easy enjoyable read!

Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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