Saturday, March 12, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Never Trust A Saint : Los Santos Cartel #1 by Melissa Jane

A protector from evil. One who without fear will lead you safely through darkness. 
Cold and ruthless. A CARTEL who cares only for revenge and glory. 
My name is Nina Cross, and I’m the Los Santos’s newest prey. Determined to prove my partners innocence and avenge his violent death, I stumbled naively into the spider’s web. Tangled with lies and hunted for truth I was shadowed with each step I took. That was until one man, relentless in his touch and his desire threatened to bring me to my knees in ways I both craved and feared. 
Jair Ruiz. Powerful, brooding and confident and not at all who he seems. He has me in his sights and has every intention of toying with his newest target while fighting to keep us both alive. 
When the FBI turns it back on you and Los Santos cartel have already dug your grave, who is there left to trust? 
Only one man. A saviour. 
But if I look my saint in the eye and all I see is the devil…do I run? 

“I’m not entirely good. I’m not entirely bad. But I’m enough of a little of each to ruin you.”

Never Trust a Saint: Los Santos Cartel #1
Melissa Jane
4 stars

Nina Cross is being hunted by the Los Santos Cartel. Her partner gave her the signal to get out of town; to flee before he was murdered but she can't because her department is signing off on his death as a robbery gone wrong; a breaking an entering … not with the same crime scene she witnessed and certainly not when he gave her their secret code right before the line went dead. FBI agents don’t go down by way of a break in – Nina plans to find out the truth. 

Jair Ruiz is a strange character. You never know which side of the fence he is playing. One minute I was yelling get away from him and the next go to him. I was seriously freaking out. I mean if you have ever flip flopped between where a character's loyalty lies you won't have done that anything compared to Jair’s character. He seems to disappear and reappear just at the right moment leading Nina on a teeter totter. 

This is just the tip of the story Im certain. There isn’t a cliffhanger per say but this is certainly NOT over. Jair has a mission and he has yet to seal the deal on it. Don’t try to figure anything out because it is impossible. I was doing that exact thing and then just told myself to stop it. 

I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next round. Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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