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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Crazy Stupid Love by Melissa Toppen

Crazy Stupid Love is the first of three standalone novels in the Crazy Love series. 

I want him... 
Unlike I have ever wanted anything before in my entire life. 
I knew it from the very moment his eyes met mine; the way my skin burned under his dark gaze. 
I knew nothing would ever be the same again. 

Decklan Taylor isn’t just tempting, he’s dangerous; a storm who destroys everything in his wake. But even as I stand in the path of his force, I can’t turn away. 
While he may be the very thing that breaks me, he’s also the only thing that has ever made me feel alive. 

Crazy Stupid Love can be read as a standalone novel or as the first book in the Crazy Love series. 
It is intended for mature audiences and is NOT recommended for readers under the age of 18.

Crazy Stupid Love
Melissa Toppen

5 stars

This is NOT my typical read and I absolutely LOVED it. What a fabulous cast of characters, a wonderful story and a great set up for book two due out in July. This is a standalone but you are going to want to grab the next one up the day its available. 

From the prologue you are swept into Decklan's world; tormented as it is. Tragedy keeps him from opening himself up and he believes he is perfectly happy that way. His relationship with his mother is on shaky ground and his brother Trey ... well there is no relationship there at all unless you consider hate a relationship. Gavin is the only brother he knows. Thank goodness his parent took him in all those years ago. Decklan Taylor is walking through life barely surviving. On the outside he looks calm and somewhat collected having women of his choice and disposal but on the inside he is a mess. Nothing will change that horrific day -- nothing. Decklan has Gavin and their club Deviants to keep him among the living but he isn't doing it well. 

Kimber James is way out of her league at Deviants. She never should have let Harlee and Angel talk her into coming here but on the flip side, leaving home and getting away from her overbearing parents and controlling ex Garrett is what she is supposed to be doing. Being the good girl has proved difficult; meaning making choices about her life based on what her parents and he wanted; not what she wanted. She is sick of being Kimber Lynn James, the sweet and privileged girl -- she wants to be Kimber, the woman who chose her own path. Attending the University of Oregon, living with her two friends, and her great job at Lovett's should be setting her future in motion yet something is missing. She doesn't know how to cut loose so sitting at the bar while her friends get wild and crazy is about all she knows to do. 

Decklan and Kimber's worlds come crashing into each other by way of chance. I absolutely LOVED the sassy girl that Kimber became and found it invigorating that her character grew by leaps and bounds throughout the pages. I also love the fact that she, only being 19, and Decklan being twenty five, she wasn't written as a dim-witty teenager. Brilliant! There are some very independent and awesome young adults out there in the real world and I'm so happy to see one on the pages of a book. I can't say there was drama but there was "life" happening throughout the story line. It wasn't over zealously done either. There is a scene that became my favorite and it has to do with an Art Gallery and the next day. You go Kimber girl! Instead of a mousey crying female lead we get a woman with spunk and who definitely knows what she wants. Soooo fantastic! Excellent secondary characters as well! Loved it. 

I highly recommend this book -- there is no cliffhanger but you will want to the next release. 
Make sure you stay tuned for Gavin's story -- I think its going to be a good one considering he has met his match with Harlee. We also get to continue with Kimber and Decklan's story. I can't wait! Crazy Stupid Obsession will be out July 12th -- just in time to carry along to the beach! 

Thank you for the ARC Melissa! I loved the characters, story and everything about this read. 

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