Monday, March 21, 2016

My 5 star ARC Review of Kept by AC Bextor

KEPT is a 386-page stand-alone contemporary romance novel written for those who still believe in fairy tales. A complete love story. No cliffhanger.

Please note: Due to content, this book should not be read by those under the age of 18.


She's a pain in my ass.
She's everything I know I don't want or need.
She's the reason I've fought the darkness for so long.
And yet, she has no idea who I am.

I had no right to Lucy. She was never mine to have. My interest in her should've remained no more than an undisclosed business arrangement.

The day she forced her way into my life, everything I worked so hard to secure began to unravel. From that moment forward, my life has been a mixture of chaos and excitement.

Lucy awoke the beast I've struggled to live with. Now it's up to her to ensure the threat of its ghost no longer holds the power to ruin me.


He hates me.
He's guarded and locked down tight.
He's a brute.
Yet, he opened my eyes to a future I was certain didn't exist.

My life was ordinary. As a single mother living only to make ends meet, I stopped wishing for more. My hopes and dreams in finding Prince Charming ceased to exist. Life forced my priorities to change.

Then I walked into Michael Holden's office and saw pain not so unlike mine reflecting through his icy gaze. He incited feelings I believed to have long since died.

Michael awoke the spring of hope I thought I'd finally set free. Now it's up to him to show me fairy tales really can come true, if you believe.

AC has delivered another Great story.  This one being quite different than her previous masterpieces.
This is a story of second chances.  About  those things you really do read about in fairytales.  What happens when lives cross when others don't realize it.   I found that I was immediately drawn to the story.  

Michael and Lucy - I enjoyed the relationship they had.  He was just enough of an Alpha A** and yet softer when he needed to be.  Lucy - Strong!  Whitty!  and gave it right back to Michael.  Their relationship was slow to build but when it did.....  you smile!

There are some plot twists that I didn't really see coming.  Perfect AC style to throw some things at ya that make you go "WTH?"   This book rates as one of her best yet in my opinion.  Click it up!

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