Sunday, March 27, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Forgiving Nancy (Last Hangman MC 5) by Muriel Garcia

One man. 
One woman. 
A past full of lies. 


That girl, that special girl. The clichéd ‘One Who Got Away’ except she didn’t get away. She was stolen from me. 
We started off as neighbours but quickly turned into something more. In what felt like a blink of an eye, I found myself in love and then boom. She was gone. 
After that, my life went down a dark and lonely trail. I joined the club my parents ran from and kept my heart shut off from everyone, never entertaining the thought of a relationship. If I couldn’t have her, I didn’t want anyone. 


I’ve been in love and have been loved but all too soon it was stolen from me. More accurately, I was stolen from it and my life hasn’t been the same since. 
To an outsider, I had it all: money, nice house, friends, anything a seventeen year old could want, but inside I was dying. I hated my life with my parents until him and I hate the life I’m forced to live now but I just can’t bring myself to end it. Not if there is a possibility that he is out there and that one day I might have the chance to see him again. 


What happens when Nancy and Bennett are reunited once again? 
Will Nancy’s past ruin the still present chemistry between them or is it already too late? 
Will Bennett be able to see past her secret and find a way to forgive Nancy? 

Forgiving Nancy (Last Hangman MC 5)
Muriel Garcia
3.5 stars

Bennett Sawyer moved into Nancy’s neighborhood when she was seventeen. Nancy Larkin tried her best to be a normal teenager but her parents felt different. Their social status and how her family appeared to the outside world was all they cared about and hanging around with that nasty MC family that moved into town is NOT what they consider a positive social status. The more they tried to keep Nancy away from Bennett the more she wanted to be with him. Nancy couldn’t wait to leave with him when she turned eighteen but not being able to take her parents demands anymore she calls for Bennett to come get her from the fancy party but before he gets to her she is taken … and then she hears his voice and looks into the eyes of someone who is familiar --- and her world has just ended. 

Only one person has ever meant anything to Bennett Sawyer and she disappeared. After that last phone call no one has seen her or heard from her. Gone without a trace. Broken by losing her Ant convinces Bennett to come back to New Orleans and join the MC. Leaving Texas was nothing that he wanted to do but there was no trace of Nancy. Four years ago Bennett lost his heart. Now the one person that never wanted them together is asking for his help after opening a package with recent photos of Nancy in it. 

This was just an ok read for me. Bennett and Nancy are both tortured by in different ways. Bennett is living with guilt and never has been happen since Nancy’s disappearance and Nancy is living a life of a prisoner. I was taken off guard though of how Bennett and Nancy find each other. I wanted more of a bang up throw down and then the events that come after just were too calm if that makes sense. 

If you love this series than definitely click this one up as all the guys are there. I just wanted more depth and maybe expected more from the characters. I did appreciate hearing from all the guys and look forward to more in the series. 

Thank you for the ARC – Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

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