Saturday, March 12, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Seizing Control (Black Shamrocks MC 1) by Kylie Hillman

*New Cover, Reformatted and Re-Edited* 
Only daughter of the volatile President of the Black Shamrocks MC and long-suffering sister to four overprotective brothers, Madelaine O'Brien has survived circumstances that would have broken a lesser woman. 

Mik 'Mad Dog' Kennedy is her salvation, her reward for continuing to fight, and the matching piece of her soul. 

With her life finally happy and on track, will the reappearance of the monster from her past be the event that finally breaks her? Or will he be the catalyst she needs to put it all behind her, once and for all? 

They say when life gives you lemons; make lemonade. What happens when life keeps sending you demons who refuse to stay buried? Do you lie down and accept defeat or rise to the seemingly unwinnable challenge, and start SEIZING CONTROL? 

Disclaimer: This story contains graphic situations that may not be suitable for all readers.

Seizing Control (Black Shamrocks MC 1)
Kylie Hillman
3. 5 stars

NOTE: This book contains scenes of rape and violence and drug use. 

The Black Shamrocks MC along with four blood brothers hold the only daughter of the clubs President under their wing after the nightmare she has lived. Madelaine O'Brien is a survivor but she is tired of looking over her shoulder. Mik keeps her safe along with her father, brothers and the club. Switching her phone on she sees she has missed numerous text and calls from her fianc√© and choosing to ignore them wasn’t the smartest thing she has done. Mik Mad Dog Kennedy is going to have her ass for this. It took he and Laney a lifetime of getting to where they are. They were always best friends but when her 18th birthday rolled around it became the best and worst day of her life. It was the day her nightmare really began. Mik has protected her since her life turned upside down but the past is about to find her and take her away again. 

Mik blames himself for not seeing what he should have earlier. He will never let Laney be hurt again however Mik finds out you can't protect a person from the devil or the demons that lie inside once you climb out of the dark. 

There was a very dark story with some rough scenes if you aren’t used to some graphic descriptions of violence. However the issue for me was not the nitty gritty scenes – it was the length of the story and then not feeling like there was a true ending or at least a calm to their story and their was a lot of story on these pages. There was too much going on and I also was frustrated when Mik didn’t seem more anxious at times to do what he needed to do. (That’s about it without giving spoilers). 

This was not a bad read it just wasn’t the normal MC speed for me. I loved the secondary characters – and I hope to see from them along with some resolution between Laney and Mik included in those next releases. 

Thank you for the ARC and the opportunity. I will keep with this series because there are definitely things that are not finished. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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