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Amy's 4.5 star ARC Review of Kincaid (Cerberus MC 1) by Marie James

I am Emmalyn Mikaelson. 

My husband, in a rage, hit me in front of the wrong person. Diego, or Kincaid to most, beat the hell out of him for it. I left with Diego anyway. Even though he could turn on me just like my husband did, I knew I had a better chance of survival with Diego. That was until I realized Kincaid could hurt me so much worse than my husband ever could. Physical pain pales in comparison to troubles of the heart. 

I am Diego “Kincaid” Anderson. 

She was a waitress at a bar in a bad situation. I brought her to my clubhouse because I knew her husband would kill her if I didn’t. Now she has my protection and that of the Cerberus MC. I never expected her to become something more to me. I was in more trouble than I’ve ever been in before, and that’s saying a lot considering I served eight years in the Marine Corp with Special Forces. 

Kincaid (Cerberus MC 1)
Marie James
4.5 stars

Emmalyn Mikaelson works at Drifters Bar because her abusive husband Robert likes the money it puts in her pocket. However working under his watch she knows no matter what she does in the end it will result in a beating. How bad ... that's always different. Her latest beating that has left her wearing hidden bandages was because he found the money she was hiding from him. Her last hope to get out and get away. The three bikers that have been coming into the bar have always been kind to her .. well except for the one who is a creep but the two others were super sweet; Shadow and Kid. Tonight there are four and the one who just walked in ... he has never been with them and she has a terrible feeling about her night and she is right on the money. 

Diego "Kincaid" Anderson has just taken his team in. Cerberus MC (all former military and an MC that specializes in recon and recovery) has been helping the Denver PD they have found Joselyne Bennett alive which is a huge surprise. Thankfully he won't have to tell his cousin Kaleb the news he thought he was going to; certain his team would find Josie dead if they ever did find her body. Heading over to Drifters to check out the "hot waitress" the boys have been telling her about Kincaid doesn't stand a chance. A tortured soul who not only is broken and battered is still beautiful and also married ... most likely married to the ass that is sitting at the table she can't quit watching with fear in her eyes. One moment changes everything .... 

I really liked this first release as the characters are right up my alley. There were great descriptions of the additional characters I hope to see more of down the road but I also was confused about Kaleb and Josie. If someone knows if they are from another series let me in on that because most likely I would love that set of releases as well! I also love the fact all of these men are former military. At the end of the book we see the MC come together and bring a strong message to the front of what needs to happen every time a slain soldier comes home. LOVE!

On the down side, Emmalyn drove me nuts. I didn't like the fact that she wasn't written as a strong character as I like to see women come out fighting. There were numerous times I wanted Diego to just walk away ... GRRRR. All in all though the writing is solid, it kept me turning the pages and it was a really good read. Its my feeling that this series will only get better. Bring on the next man Marie! 

Secondary Characters:

Dustin "Kid" Andrews - 24 years old, served three tours in the Sandbox and is the youngest member of the MC

Shadow - Currently seeing Misty, treats the women he loves like princesses but when hes done hes done

Wrench Williams -- who is only there because Kincaid promised his brother Socket he would take care of him after he didn't make it out of their last tour with his life 

Doc -- Oldest member of the club, Rose is his old lady who have been married for over twenty years

Blade - Served in the Marine's with the boys but lives back home with his family in KY; coordinates all of the jobs the boys are called out to

Shane Jones -- not a part of the MC; he's a Detective

Other secondary characters we met briefly -- Ace, Snatch, Gypsy, Snapper

Thank you Marie for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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