Sunday, March 20, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Challenged (Vipers Creed MC #1) by Ryan Michele

Lust, love, and second chances. 

Growing up in the fast-paced and rough life of a motorcycle club wasn’t easy. Cleaning up the mess his father had made of Vipers Creed meant sacrifice. Cade ‘Spook’ Baker had given up everything to bring the club life back to what it was supposed to be: a family. 

The choices he made were not what he wanted, but they were necessary for the club as a whole. 
Second chances rarely came to Spook, so when his Trixie walked boldly into his clubhouse, the decision was made. Trixie would once again be his, this time for good. 

Trix Lamasters was raised by a master—a master con. All grown up, she made her life solid by making it about her club, Sirens. But one bad business decision brought her to her knees, forcing her to call on the one person she had sworn she would never trust again. 

Pasts have a way of not staying there. Things that were buried deep have a way of finding themselves in the light of a new day. Could something that had once crashed and burned for Spook and Trixie find a way out of the wreckage? With the odds against them, can they find a way to overcome the challenges, or will it all blow up in their faces? 

**Due to content, mature audiences only.** 

Challenged (Vipers Creed MC #1)
Ryan Michele
5 stars

First of all .. the cover … its so awesome to see something different. I couldn’t see the cover that well on the ARC but I knew it was good but seeing it here … its fantastic! 

Second can I get an AMEN because this is one lustrous read. From the Prologue until the last page and even after the last page you are going to be plastered to your kindle. The review you are going to get from me though will not contain any spoilers because I just don’t do that. What I will tell you about though – the characters … oh heck yes. 

Trix Lamasters is a hard ass business woman. She learned from the best .. her father. There is no love between the two but he did provide her with the skills needed to make herself into something and her club Sirens is definitely that. The one time she gave the most important part of herself away was the one time she felt shattered. The second time Trix felt a twinge of her so called heart she lost again. If finding Nanette King meant she had to stand toe to toe with a piece of her past then so be it …. She wasn’t that same stupid girl … Cade would give her the information she needed and that would be the end of the story. Fifteen years changes a person. 

Cade “Spook” Baker is the president of the Vipers Creed MC. Bringing the club back to the right side has been tough. The things he had to do to get the club there had to be done. Boner (Ben) his VP has stuck by him along with the rest of his brothers but Boner also knew about Trixie. Fate had just knocked on his door holding her hostage and this time all bets were off. 

The question is will the past and present collide? Cade has his way as does Trix. She wont be under minded and neither will he. She can push or pull … either way Cade will win what he believes to be his regardless of what Trix thinks … she wont be able to stop him. 

I wanted to put these two in a cage fight and see who came out alive. There is nothing I love more than two physically powerful characters throwing it down on the pages that I'm turning. Female or male … doesn’t matter but when you have two and throw in a handful of secondary characters just as bad ass … I'M DONE FOR …. BRAVO!

This is such a tremendous release to a new series that promises to be one we cant live without. There are so many more stories to tell – Lets see there is Boner, Stiff, Bosco, Dawg, Rip, Hooch and lets not forget Jett …. Oh yes. Bring them all on with their own stories. We are given a small hint into a “might be down the road thing” with two characters and I was fist pumping the air … make sure you read carefully! 

Thank you so much for the ARC Ryan. I am waiting for the next one. I cannot wait! -- Oh and the end … WTH? The bonus message ….. Start talking …. What?!??!?!?! 

Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. -- While you are waiting for the next release in this series go click up Ryan Michele's Blood & Loyalties: A Mafia Romance -- The girl is GOOD. 

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