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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Soldier's Heart by Megan Green

***20% of all the proceeds from pre-orders and sales through 04/30/2016 will be donated to Paws for Purple Hearts*** 

Isaiah Wright is broken. So broken he's positive he'll never be fixed again. Surviving every soldier's worst nightmare is enough for him to want nothing more than to give into the blackness that plagues him. 

Emma Nicholls knows pain. Four years after the devastating loss of her fianc√©, she's set up her own business providing service dogs to veterans in an attempt to put her own life back together. 

Circumstance brings Isaiah into her life, but neither are prepared for the fire that burns between them. It's immediate, one broken soul finding solace in another, but it's also... terrifying. 

His soldier's heart is surrounded by walls ten feet high. But maybe, just maybe, Emma and her brood of trainee service dogs can break through and be the light he so desperately needs.

Soldier’s Heart
Megan Green
5 stars

Let me begin with I had not read the first book in this series as you don’t need to – they are stand alones – but let me know add that I immediately went and clicked on the Safe Distance the minute I turned the last page of Soldier’s Heart .. yes .. it was that good. The cover of Soldier's Heart ... sigh ... it took my breath away as crazy as that sounds but after you read the book look at it again. 

There is so much I want to say about this book but first I want to thank Megan for doing her research. When you review books you read all the dedications, end notes etc. At the end of this wonderful journey we find that Megan is donating 20% of all sales during release month from Soldier’s Heart to Second not only does she receive the first star rating from the book but also as a person from me. She correctly cites the numbers …. Every 65 minutes a veteran commits suicide – that is about 22 a day. There are numerous organizations out there to support in helping our soldiers find their way home. Please do something on your end. These men and women have already given us so much. 

Isaiah Wright lives with PTSD, survivors guilt, nightmares that leave him waking up screaming desperately trying to defend himself from enemies that aren’t even there --- He suffers from more than one man should have to. He is desperately trying to find his way back. When a solider leaves his heart comes back changed. Six months ago he lost his soul but not his life like his brothers. His therapist Beth thinks going to volunteer at Keen Komrades will help him; will be beneficially to his recovery. The last time she said those words to him things didn’t work out to well. One week is all Beth asks for. Isaiah will give her one week – he isn’t a dog person but .. yeah one week. He can do one week and prove to Beth that the pills are the only thing that can help him find peace. 

Emma Nicholls and Joey started Keen Komrades after the tragic loss in her life. It wasn’t either of them who inspired the ranch; it was Emma’s beloved Maggie. Relying 100 percent on donations and volunteers, Joey’s idea to work with Beth to find more veterans willing to help is genius. Joey wants to expand and be able to offer more for veterans in need. Losing Chris brought more physical pain than Emma can imagine but also brought her a purpose. Joey survived that day and together they are building something incredible. There has not been anyone since Chris died … four years she hasn’t felt anything until Isaiah. 

This journey is incredible and heartbreaking. Its inspiring and real. It’s a story I will read over and over again. The small glimpse Megan gives you into the agony soldiers experience when returning home from overseas is horrendous. I know because I live with one of those men --- therefore, this book struck a very personal chord with me. Emma and Isaiah are absolutely beautiful characters.

There are so many secondary characters that we also need a story from. Joey – yup need to know. Haley and Amanda are Emma’s best friends, Justin is Amanda’s husband and we get to experience Haley and Ryan’s wedding in this release. All of the characters except Isaiah are tied to Chris making a particular moment at the wedding soul crushing but fitting. 

Megan outdid herself. I read this book in one sitting – grab it up and embrace the words on these pages. Let the story consume you. Incredible …. Thank you Megan for the ARC. Now I'm off to read Safe Distance. Thank you for writing this and I look forward to the next release. 

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