Friday, December 30, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Sins Of The Father (Heaven's Rejects MC) by Avelyn Paige

“The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity.” Ezekiel 18:20 

Absolute power corrupts absolutely; it was a harsh lesson that my father learned too late. Now we’re all going to burn for his mistakes.

As the prince of the Heaven’s Rejects MC, I had a life of luxury, a life I paid for with my father’s blood. Now the burden to get us out of this mess has fallen on my shoulders, it’s a job I never asked for, nor wanted, but I’ll rescue us all from the pits of the hell he cast us into.

I am the Devil’s son, but I’m not going down because of that bastard.


This is the backstory of Raze. I loved the first two releases in this series but throwing this out there I was confused. I felt like we should have had this book prior to the release of Angles and Ashes. 

I had to go back and recount book two in order to understand some of the things that were happening in this release. The book is short and intense leaving what I felt some things left unanswered maybe. I ended up with more questions than things that I wanted to know. I don’t plan on giving up on the series but this didn’t feel needed. Maybe down the road it will come to light of why this book was written but right now I just feel confused by it all! 

I felt like potentially the female characters could have been maybe a tad bit more brave or at least have some kind of backbone. I know Raze’s father was a ass hat but this just felt like complete over kill of the tormented woman in the 1 percenters life. His sister was also just too much. Open your eyes --- I don’t know I love strong female characters and I just didn’t feel like this book was needed. I appreciate the author and what she wanted to accomplish but I just couldn’t get my thoughts into this one. 

Love the series though and will keep reading for sure! 
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