Friday, December 30, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Clam Jam by RC Boldt

 Clam Jam
“Clam Jam”
Definition: the female equivalent of a cock block.
Example: You’re chatting with a guy you’re interested in and your friend comes along and lays claim to him. 

That’s my life—except it’s worse. My friend who keeps “jamming” me is my gay roommate and if that isn’t a W.T.F. moment, I’m not sure what is.

Fact: He went home with three—yes, three—of the guys I had been so sure were into me.
Fact: He’s really pissing me off. I mean, hello? I’m trying to get back in the saddle, but I’ll never manage to get a boyfriend before the age of fifty if he keeps this up.
Fact: Secretly, I wonder what it would be like if he weren’t gay. Why do all the hot, sweet, tender-hearted guys have to be gay?
Fact: My gay-dar needs a serious tune-up.

The day I interviewed for the room to rent, everything changed. I knew I had met “the girl”, except there was one small problem: she didn’t want anything to do with men. I recognized a top-notch force field when I saw one. She’d been burned badly and didn’t want to deal with a heterosexual guy as a roommate. I could’ve turned around and found another place to live, but I wanted to live there—with her.

So I had to go “undercover”. 

Fact: I’m in love with my roommate.
Fact: I’m a likely candidate for carpal tunnel surgery since all the action I’ve had for the past year has been my hand.
Fact: She’s going to hate me if I come clean now.
Fact: I’m not giving up. Which means, I’ll just have to continue to run defense until I figure out a way to get Maggie to see the “real” me. 

The me that loves her.

The me that would never do her wrong.

Until then, I’ll keep running off every guy who shows any interest. 

Until then, I’ll continue to Clam Jam.

I became a huge fan of RC’s after reading Out of Love (which if you have not read I encourage you to click up along with this release). This lady can write. 

Maggie and Ry – the greatest BFF gay but really not gay roommate busting up and Clam Jamming love story. You all know I like the dark and twisted – the MC romance with mayhem and loud Harleys but I also love the hilarious sassy and nothing can tear us apart friends story too.

This is just that – what is clam jamming – the same as cock blocking but in the female version. And Maggie is getting clam jammed every way she looks by her gay roommate. Not only is the man charming and a gift to women (if only he liked them) but he has managed to turn the heads of her supposed dates. The dates she chose to take a chance on and jump back in feet first after finding her fiance had “accidentally gotten his junk to fall into the mouth of another woman in their bed in their post apartment.” Okay if you don’t click this up after that paragraph then you just need to move on right now. 

In looking for a new roommate Maggie doesn’t want to live with a chick although her BFF Sarah is awesome spending time with a woman non stop isn’t appealing. She also can't live with a man knowing that she will fall into his bed on accident or even taking the chance so the perfect roommate – a gay man. Ry fits the bill of the best of the best in all the applications Maggie browses through but lawd help her as he is sex on a stick. Thank goodness he is gay and thank goodness there is no chances with him because she definitely would accidently have been falling in his bed if he wasn’t. And cue the hilarious events leading up to a explosive ending. 

The secondary characters Jack and Sarah are fantastic so I hope that we get a story on them or at least them together! HINT! HINT! --- I also would love nothing more to find out where Maggie and Ry are and where the roads have led them. Sarah has a line that made me spit my drink out --- in just giving a hint she bluntly asks Ry how it feels to ...... OMGEEE .. yes .. bwwwaaahhhh! Cut to the chase is what I say as well -- no need to beat around the bush. 

I found myself loving Ry which is incredibly odd for me – I love the alpha male hard core non full sentence stating man. More of one who wears loud boots and carries weapons so me falling in complete love with his characters was shocking. Ry has got to the be the most romantic character that I have read and actually been able to tolerate. LOVE IT – that means RC is a genius in my eyes. 
This is a funny and heartwarming story that you won't want to miss. Like I said after this one click up Out of Love --- you won't want to miss that one either. 

RC – thank you for the ARC! 

Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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