Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Hate Story by Nicole Williams

Nina can’t let herself fall in love with the man she’s going to marry. Both of them have experienced the sting and sham of love and have no intentions of falling victim to it twice. Love is expensive—hate is free.

Three years. A million dollars. A solution to both of their problems. They planned it all, from the story of their first meeting to the date of their divorce. Nothing could go wrong.

But what they didn’t consider was chemistry, and Nina and Max have no shortage of it. After too many near-kisses, Nina convinces herself that hating Max is better than loving him, and the more she gets to know this soon-to-be-husband of hers, the more she discovers just how very much she truly, madly, and deeply . . . hates him.

This isn’t a love story. This is the other kind.

Okay so I'm admitting something here. I am a cover girl .. meaning I love covers. The ARC came with just the title so I kept pushing it back … WHAT A MISTAKE! And now I see the cover as well – SUPER BIG TIME MISTAKE – HUGGGEEE MISTAKE waiting! 

This is my very first Nicole Williams book and I will be picking up Crash and all the others by her. EXCELLENT writing. 

Nina Burton is headed to meet the man she agreed to marry for a business arrangement. Drowning in bills trying to save her Grandmother's house; the only home she is known this is crazy but losing that house is not an option. She can do this … for 3 years right? No love, no attachment, no nothing. She is sassy – independent and has a stern spine. Nina has got this. The man sitting in front of her is okay. He is brash but straight to the point. He is older but no expectations. There is no sex involved. He made that clear. Ezra is his name .. until he states .. let's meet your future husband. 

Maximilian Hans Xavier Sturm. – Mr. Sturm or Max. Needing something from her – a marriage. A sham per say that has to be believable. In order to complete his dreams Max needs his green card. He is an upstanding citizens of the states being here since 18 from Germany. His family – he had to get away. His heart turned to ashes by one woman this is the perfect arrangement. No love – no ties – no feelings. Friendship is okay but nothing more. Until Nina – she is a breath of fresh air. But Max needs to get his head in the game. Keep his head in the game. 

There are so many brilliant pages in this story. You think maybe ack another marriage for payment deal – brings to mind a movie which is mention in the book but this is far far from that movie plot. This is a hate story. An awesome hysterical hate story. 

There is one in particular moment that I read over and over – from a bouncing trampoline that Granny bounced five minutes a day on to a pretend make up sex montage. It's sweet – it's funny – it's brilliant – it's amazing all wrapped up for you for the holidays. I loved Kate as well – I hope she is either a character from another series OR she is getting her own story. Her extra activities on the side are very interesting to say the least. 

Click this one up – you are not going to want to miss this one. Nicole is an amazing writer. I am her newest biggest fan and look forward to heading on over and clicking up The Crash series right now! 

Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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