Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Dying Wish by Margaret McHeyzer

I have three major loves in my life: my family, my best friend Becky, and ballet. Elijah Turner is quickly becoming the fourth.

He's been around as long as I can remember. But now he's much more than just the annoying guy at school.

My life was working out perfectly...until it got turned upside down.

Ok so … this is going to be short because if you put too much into this review then you are going to know things that will spoil your read and we don’t do that. You should for sure get some tissues ready because look at the title and the cover. That alone should tell you that this is going to take a bit to read. 

This is not really lighthearted and you are going to need some time to breath in and out and let yourself settle before hammering through. 

The prologue is going to set the stage with an 18 year old girl named Alice who has her dreams set and is working to make them real. With her best friends in tow it looks like the world is roses and sunshine. And then …. Elijah, Alice and Becky … I also loved Alice’s parents. I can tell you they did take Becky in under their wing when her mother passed. 

A bond that cannot and could not be broken no matter life says – no matter how hard life tries. 

Get ready .. This is a young adult read and I recommend it. Thank you for the read and thank you for the beautiful story. 

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