Thursday, December 8, 2016

Amy's 4.5 star ARC Review of Nowhere (Crimson Outlaws MC #1) by Bink Cummings

On the outside my life seems simple. I'm an average woman with a love for motorcycles. A high school teacher who's a single mother. But what you don't know is what lingers just beneath the surface...
The desires
The needs. 
This hunger that can never be fully satiated. 
Part of me knows it's bad. That I shouldn't crave what I do. But the other half doesn't give a fu*k. 
I'm split in two. Which is how I've spent most of my life. 
Torn in half by conflicting emotions. By the man I desire, but shouldn't. By the secrets that I hide from almost everyone. 
One day, everything changes... 
My world is turned upside down and I'm left falling... 
Falling toward something special. 
Toward a sense of belonging that I find in the strangest of places. With someone I never thought I'd be with in my wildest dreams.

I'm Gwen Donovan and this is my journey to love and self acceptance. 
Let's just hope, that in the end, it doesn't bite me in the ass.

Warning: Contains shameless adult sexual content, taboo situations, graphic violence, profanity that'd make your grandmother blush, a woman who has multiple orgasms, a vast array of possible triggers including past sexual assault so expect anything. And whatever the hell else that makes it unsuitable for folks under the age of 18.

This is NOT a Standalone.
Part 1 of a Duology. 

81k Words in Length.

4.5 stars

This is the first installment of releases coming our way from Bink. This one is quite different than we are used to from her. It's really good, but let me say again it's different. 

Gwen has a secret. One that will absolutely blow your mind of course and I have to be honest I was somewhat thinking to myself that I didn’t know if I was going to be okay with this book. However hang in there as there is a reason for the madness. A horrible reason. To say that I understood is not exactly the correct words but I felt for her and my heart broke. 

Nash is Gwen’s step brother. The relationship is one of a connection but again the story is somewhat a jaw dropper. Nash is a complex character to say the least. 

Then there is Wes – who you will first hate but a few pages later love. Or at least I did which again made me look completely different at Gwen as I did from the beginning of the pages. I grew to love Wes more and more throughout the book as we need to remember things aren’t always what they seem on the outside. 

This is NOT a standalone and the end will be the kicker for you. The person I loved the most … there is a little boy. Someone that I wanted to grab onto and let him fill my heart with happiness as I experience in my “real” life. A brilliant mind on a beautiful and special child that was just perfect and unique. I hope that if this book does anything for readers it sheds light on the wonderful babies out there and adults who live with a label. 

We love Bink’s feisty books and the constant banter that she gifts us with but this book made me really think. It dug deep into several issues – the main one being folks concentrating on what they see on the outside instead of looking to see what's on the inside. 

Thank you for the ARC Bink … as always it was an honor. This one truly is one fantastic yet brutal read. Brutal to the heart … 

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