Monday, December 5, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Unwrapped by Callie Hart

Jack and Hannah have their hands full planning a giant NYC holiday charity party with rock stars to wrangle and celebrities to dress. Hannah’s completely sworn off men. Jack has enough going on without a ball-busting, tattooed siren rocking his world.
They need to keep their hands off each other. But the holidays have a funny way of getting a whole lot of crazy. There's what you plan, and then there’s what happens. And some presents are too damn good not to unwrap…

Note: Unwrapped is a standalone 40K novella with some crossover characters from the Beg For It stories.


This is a novella with the characters from the Beg For It series in it.

Hannah is Carolines best friend and with that friendship comes perks –but this girl has no room or time for relationships. Get it and move on is usually what she does. Being in Manhattan for the Kavanaugh family fundraiser she has been tasked with fitting people. Hopefully the exposure will send her designs into red carpet must haves. 

Johnny Knox is seriously taken with the woman kneeling before him. Making his best attempt to try and get to know her better, Hannah shoots him down with various stints of banter that are pretty funny. Being the drummer for The Blacklist does have its perks and this woman telling him no is a new thing for him. Sassy and all the right stuff in all the right places – oh heck yes. Determined to find her again, he heads out to his friend Ash’s apartment plotting his next move on the hot designer. 

No more because this is short and sweet. But the timing of a certain guy and a certain girl ends up being hilarious. I don’t really have much background on these characters but I did like the story and enjoyed the back and forth between the two. 

In order to see what does or does not transpire between Hannah and Jack you need to click it up. –Take a peak at the cover – that’s a pretty good hint. 

Thank you for the ARC Callie! I enjoyed this read and loved the characters. 

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