Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Until Ashlyn by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Dillon Keck knew Ashlyn Mayson was drunk when she suggested they get married. He knew he should have taken her back to their hotel room and put her to bed. Instead, he did what he had been craving to do since the moment they met. 
Claim her as his. 
Waking up married in Vegas isn't something Ashlyn Mayson ever thought would happen to her. Having Dillon, her boss, a man she thinks is a dick, insist they stay married is absurd, but every time he touches her, she gets lost in him and wonders if maybe they are meant to be together. 
But someone isn't happy for Dillon and Ashlyn and their new found romance, and they're willing to do anything to keep them apart. Even commit murder.

Aurora Rose Reynolds
5 stars

It's no secret I love the Until Series … I love the boom and I believe in the boom. I love the Mayson family. If you don’t know the family tree it's posted on Aurora’s FB page so check it out. This is Cash and Lilly’s daughter – Jax’s sister. No spoilers on Jax and his story with Ellie but if you have not read Until series that includes him .. you need to get it. 

Dillon Keck drives Ashlyn crazy. Ashlyn Mayson drives Dillon crazy. So how in the hell did this happen? How did they end up married while in Vegas at the Dental Convention? Now the man who she believes hates her is not letting her go. Dillon the Dick is keeping her. 

This isn’t what her parents wanted for her she knows and Jax is never going to accept this. Thank goodness her parents are out of town visiting her MeMaw and Papa. But when the junk hits the fan and someone is gunning for Ashlyn the tables turn and the family unites to do what they do best; protect each other at all costs. 

I love the fact that we catch up with all the cousins, the kids and the original characters in this series. For a hot minute Nico is there. Holy moly … yes. There is so much going on in this release you are not going to want to wait to click it up. This is a more intense read than the other Until books as this issue is somewhat high octane. There is a terrible tragedy – that I can tell you but to who by who and why .. no can do. 

I cannot wait as we get a glimpse into the next release – Sage’s story. I have a feeling it's going to be even more of a doozie than this one. Starting where this release leaves us isn’t going to be an easy heart break to piece back together. 

The cover is another winner. Who is that? Did I miss it -- was I blinded by seriously not being able to take my eyes off of it? Must have been because I can't even quit looking at it. That cover is beautiful. It's perfect. Covers are big for me! 

Thank you so much for the ARC! I am always honored to read your brilliant stories. Thank you for trusting me with your words and your magnificent family in the Maysons! 

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