Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Amy's 4 star Review of The Perfect Stranger (Los Santos Cartel #2) by Melissa Jane

The Devil is like a shadow. 
It follows. 
It waits. 
Gabriel Nicholas Santos. Born with a name belonging to saints, yet evil to the core. 
When he smiled, people would die. 
When he lost control, hell would open up its fiery gates. He was nothing more than a malevolent puppet to his elusive uncle. 
Together they were LOS SANTOS cartel, rulers of South America’s most feared and powerful drug empire. The price on their heads was high. The price of becoming one of them? Even higher. 
Both were my targets who knew the game well. While one kept me close, the other became a myth. But I would wait. I would watch. I would become just like them in order to finish them both. 
But it was never going to be that easy. Not now. Not with… her. 
Gabriel had his sights fixed on FBI Agent Nina Cross. Strong. Beautiful. And none-the-wiser of those who shadowed her every move. She held the answers he had killed so many for. She was the one thing stopping LOS SANTOS from taking full control. 
And I had one job. To both save and destroy Nina Cross. But that was only the beginning. 
Only when you cover your enemies with dirt are they truly gone.

This is the second in the Los Santos Cartel series from Melissa Jane. This book is written from Antonio’s point of view. You definitely find out what makes him tick in this release. It's also interesting to hear his thoughts and feelings on Nina. This is more of a flashback and how things began. 

Antonio’s past is on display in this release. You know exactly the road that was traveled in order for him to become the man hunting the cartel. You also understand why revenge runs through his veins like rapid fire. I can tell you that it was not chance that Nina and Antonio came to know each other. 

If you read the first you need to read this one because this release is much more detailed and as I was confused in to some of the events in the first release they all make sense now. 
This is the end to this series and you will certainly appreciate the ending as things are wrapped up. You will have all of your answers and then some. 

Hang on because you are about to have your eyes pushed wide open. 

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