Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Tormented (Fallen Aces MC #3) by Max Henry

Sometimes I feel as though I was a glitch in life’s major plan, that I never had a place set aside for me in this world. 
I’m an outcast by design. Bent in the head after childhood trauma, and never quite sure who I’m going to be day to day.
The nice guy?
The psychotic asshole?
Or some happy medium of the two?
People stay away for fear of what I can do, and I don’t blame them. After all, I have no conscience, no remorse, and no guilt for the horrific things I’ve done; the reasons why I’m the Fallen Aces MC’s best asset when it comes to retribution and punishment.
I deliver, without hesitation, and without doubt.
Until Abbey. One kiss, one taste, and I question everything. 
Is this right?
Can I change?
What can I offer her?
She’s wild, unsociable, and guards her heart with the tenacity of a lioness. 
I want to tame her. Break her spirit and make her mine.
I want to ruin her.
The very reasons why she has to go.

Holy wow .. Sawyer and Abbey girl …. DANG! Oh and the devil himself. Max Henry is a brilliant writer but this has to be her best yet. This is the story of two brutally tormented souls maybe hoping that their jagged edges fit together. 

I have been worried and waiting for Abbey just as much as Sawyer. After the loss of Dana and her ability to calm the devil inside, Sawyer doesn’t know if he can ever let anyone close again. The girl is a challenge and all he has done is tease and bully her just like all the other club members. 

Watching her break apart, making her run and crumble has been all she has ever done. Hooch and King have kept her from becoming what the other club “women” have said she needs to in order to earn her keep. Fingers would gut a man himself if she was hurt. Maybe he should stay away. The fight to bring down his father can only bring more blood. 

Abbey has been told to stay away from Sawyer. The pretty boy will break her and that is not what she needs according to Hooch and King. How do they know what she needs. Only Fingers .. the man who has been like a father to her knows about her past and he doesn’t know everything. No one knows the horror she endured. Evan was a monster. The man who molded her. 

There are so many ties in this story. If you have not read the Butcher Boys series you won't be lost but there is mention of them in this release as they play a part in hunting Carlos. I loved the series so I would pick it up. One of them also has involvement with Ramona and Mack. The Fallen Aces series also spins off from that series. However again I can say if you are reading this as your first Max Henry book you won't be lost or confused. 

Sawyer and Abbey’s story is gut wrenching. Glimpses into the past and how Sawyer leads his life are somewhat hard to swallow but expected. If you have a queasy stomach then this one might be too much but I can honestly say I have read worse. You can also skip the most vivid part when it comes to Cash which is only a paragraph long and get the idea of what he did. In my mind Sawyer is a man who cleans up the scum … so I'm not real concerned with his “itch.” 

There are questions that I do need answered and Max has said she will get to them. Thank you lord! Make sure you read the Note From Max and always read the dedications and afterthoughts. You never know what you miss not including those in your reading. 

I will tell you this is a standalone per say – however the last page … when you hit 99 percent on your Kindle … holy bee-je-zus … Max what have you done to me. I seriously sat here for at least five minutes and looked into the air with the biggest you have go to be junking kidding me look on my face. 

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Thank you Max for the ARC! This was incredible. The cover is amazing and I loved every word. 

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