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Amy's 5 star review of Reign -- Cash -- Wolf (Books 1 - 3 of The Henchmen MC) Jessica Gadziala

1 notorious 1%er
1 innocent trapped in an impossible situation
1 vicious crime lord
3 people who aren't who they appear to be
= one big (bloody) mess.

Reign is no stranger to the criminal underbelly and hard life, but when a random woman comes (literally) crashing into his life- learning things she has no business knowing, and bringing with her the weight of the city's biggest skin trader, the "hard life" starts to take on a whole new meaning.

* For possible triggers, please visit:

The Henchmen return, this time with CASH as our leading man.


My life has been about three things- brotherhood, good times, and women. Easy. Nothing complicated. That was until Willow Swift came barging back into my life, face bloodied, banging at the gates of The Henchmen compound calling in a favor owed. Now a marker is a marker and I had to make good, but if there was one woman in the world I didn't need in my life, it was the hard-as-stone, hot-as-sin Willow Swift and whatever mysterious ghosts from her past that were haunting her present.


My life has been nothing but two things: hard and complicated. The last person I wanted in my business was the notorious love-em and leave-em Cash, but I needed help and he was the only one I could lean on without worrying about him finding out about my past. But I was starting to wonder if maybe he was his own kind of dangerous bent on tearing down some things I had long since learned were not possible for me- like falling for a guy I could not, ever, let see the real me.

While this can be read as a stand-alone, you will get more out of this book if you read "Reign" and "Monster" first. 

* For possible triggers, go here: *

* The Henchmen return to finally give us Wolf & Janie’s story. *

He was just supposed to be saving her from herself… and the half dozen criminal enterprises that would want her blood when they realized what she had done.

What he hadn’t planned on was her invading every aspect of his life with her fiery temper and inability to take no for an answer. And when he finally got beneath her walls and found out why she had gotten herself into trouble in the first place, he knew what he needed to do.

He sure as hell didn’t think he would end up being the one who would need saving…

* This can be read as a stand-alone and has a HEA, but features characters from The Henchmen and Savages series.

** This is a DARK read. Anyone with triggers may want to avoid this title. For a list of possible triggers, follow this link:

Reign -- Cash -- Wolf (Books 1 - 3 of The Henchmen MC)
Jessica Gadziala
5 stars

So I just started this serious after clicking it up from Tracy's blog Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. I was browsing around the MC genre and this was an older post for release that I had yet to read. I thought -- its free on Kindle Unlimited and I'm off for Christmas Break so why not. Holy geezus. What in the heck have I been missing. Sometimes as reviewers we get so involved in reading ARC's which we are forever grateful for mind you we miss other releases that are out there. And trust me I am so thankful for ARC's and the honor to read --- (good lord please no one put words in my mouth here). 

But anyway back to the series -- I'm through Wolf and heading into Repo. I don't know how this series can get any better. Jessica has outdone herself in her first three books. Mind you that you know of Repo in the first three books but he evolves through each one of course until it's time for his own story. 

Reign and Summer
Cash and Lo (Willow)
Wolf and Jstorm (Janie) 

I loved these couples. Each character has their past and demons that are darker than you can imagine but the demons hit home on the ladies side more so giving the story of a man who protects and values the worth of a woman. Don't get me wrong -- these men have their reasons for knowing the worth of a broken heart and what it takes to heal it or find redemption due to their own monsters they are hiding. But taking that woman and knowing she can she through your weaknesses and turn them into your strength is a reader's delight. 

The men of The Henchmen MC are not the only criminals in town. Lo runs her show at Halestorm and protects Janie. Summer was taken by the sick skin trader "V." Each story filled with surprise and heartache along with heartbreak turns this series into a definite keeper. I'm telling you that you won't believe the insanity in Reign -- Summer is strong -- Lo is a badass and Janie is a force to be reckoned with. 

Lo and Janies story mesh into each other when you read them. You don't necessarily need to reach each book as they do serve as standalones but I wouldn't recommend that. I would consume each one and continuing clicking them up until you get to the end. Also in each you follow the previous couple and where they are now. 

At the end of Wolf you are led to finally as you will want to know (perfect by the way Jessica in building Repo up as you did) Repo's story. There is also a friendship that you won't see coming and probably we won't understand until we hit the end of his book -- I'm heading in now. 

Don't pass this up -- Reign was just out this year if I'm not mistaken and I expect more great series from Jessica G! -- BY THE WAY -- I love these covers -- black and white and to the point -- I love the fact that we are seeing the men in what seems to be quiet murderous kind of way.

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