Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Rough and Rowdy (Notorious Devils MC #1) by Hayley Faiman

Kentlee Johnson has always been a sweet girl with good intentions and simple dreams. 

Pierce "Fury" Duhart is an outlaw by nature, born and bred to ride with the Notorious Devils. 

When a chance encounter brings them face to face, Kentlee knows that getting involved with the president of the town's notorious MC is not a wise choice. 

But Fury knows what he wants, and Kentlee is the little bit of sugar he craves on the side. 

Daring to be bold for just one night, Kentlee surrenders to Fury's advances—but one taste of the rough and rowdy man is all it takes to turn her world upside down. 
*** Recommended for 18+ due to Sexual Content, Adult Language, and Violence

Rough and Rowdy – A Notorious Devils Novel
4 stars
Hayley Faiman

Kentlee Johnson is exhausted with her mother’s whims of her girls marrying a wealthy man. She is playing the good sister all while feeling sorry for her little sister Brentlee. Only nineteen years old and the girl is getting married to the creepiest guy she has ever met. Scotty is a douche bag and makes her gag with his too perfect hair, manners and his soon to be attorney status. Its not his looks or his accomplishments its that he stares too long, lingers too long and is always putting her sister down along with the fact that he is nine years older than her. GROSS! Her sister though has morphed into someone she doesn’t know. She is popular … Kentlee is a loner. Fleeing the boutique and the cackling ladies is all she can think of….. finally when she escapes … BOOM … Pierce Fury Duhart is an encounter she didn’t expect. That encounter .. wears a Notorious Devil’s cut. 

Pierce Fury Duhart sees one of the sexiest “good” girls he has ever seen coming out of the shop. Decked head to toe in a secretary type outfit he has got to see what is underneath. Taking a chance he invites the self proclaimed angel to the clubhouse. Walking away laying the ball in her court mentioning his name at the door will get her to him safe and sound. Fury knows she will be his .. she just doesn’t know it yet or at least she is pretending to not know. 

Holy wow .. what a great story. There isn’t a lot of drama of suspense in this one but it’s a tale as old as time … beauty meets the beast and I love it. There are some fantastic secondary characters. I love the fact that Kentlee comes into herself as well as knowing what she wants and doesn't want standing up to her parents. This isn’t your normal MC read where there are guns blazing and people shooting each other up and let me tell you it was still something Im putting on my shelf as a “read again.” 

Book two comes out this summer giving us Brentlee’s story and Im afraid for the girl. Rough and Raw is going to be a story of stories. I hope we get more of Fury and Kentlee so we can see where they are as well in that release. 

Thank you Hayley for the ARC! This one's a keeper. Love the storyline and love the characters. Click this one up friends! 

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