Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Red Snow by WS Greer

My name is Detective Jarrod Granger, and you can say what you want about me. Call me arrogant, call me cocky, call me a man-whore, call me a renegade, call me a loose cannon. But one thing you can never say about me is that I don't get the job done. 

I've dedicated my entire rocky, sex-fueled, tumultuous life to bringing down bad guys. I may not be able to keep a relationship, I may bounce from woman to woman like it’s some sort of competition, I may screw and drink like there’s no tomorrow, but if you're a criminal and on my radar, you're the one who’s screwed. 

So when a woman is brutally murdered, decapitated, and put on display like a snowman in front of an elementary school, there's no other choice on who can handle it. 

This kind of case requires someone willing to break the rules, someone who'll go the extra mile. It requires someone cocky, someone confident. A loose cannon. Because only someone whose life is a boiling hot mess of sex, liquor, and violence will be willing to do what it takes to hunt this killer down. 

Sometimes it takes a man straddling the line between sane and crazy to catch a psycho.

3.5 stars

So this one is a little on the violent side to say the least. If you are looking for a happy holiday read this is NOT the book. LOL! 

Detective Jarrod Granger and his partner Marcus on trying to find a serial killer before anyone else loses their life. Women are being brutally murdered and put on display for all to see. Desperate to get to the bottom of the case and keep him from striking again Jarrod comes head to head with his own thoughts and feelings he has shoved to the back of his head. 

Jeffery needs to kill – the vile things that has happened to him make him angry. He needs these women to understand what he wants. If they can't or even if they can in the end they need to pay. 
Okay so in my opinion both Jarrod and Jeffery are riding the crazy train but heading to a different stop. Jeffery and the reason he kills is something that will turn your stomach. I could barely read why and it hits home in the first chapter. I about threw up – no kidding. And the first woman to die .. uh yeah. Her description and why he chose her. BARF … 

This was a really tough read – even for me. The person who loves her a good suspense and crime ridden storyline. If you like them really really off the charts then this book is for you. 

Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets – I serious take note of the title – Red Snow … Thank you for the ARC. 

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